Sickle mowers, 3 pt type.
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Thread: Sickle mowers, 3 pt type.

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    Sickle mowers, 3 pt type.

    I have seen all the new double action sickle mowers out there.

    I want a 3pt 8-9foot sickle bar mower that when tilted up at 90 degrees it will work as well as down at 45 degrees too, simple hyd, motor at hing point with hyd lift cylinder,,,, cheap to make rock guards and the serrated sections easy enough to get,,,,were is the 5 and 6 thousand dollars come from when it is an old design from over 50 years ago. Even a belt driven from the pto costs the same,,,its not a new design,,, it is not like the design n was just discovered and first production,,,,,,,,,,,,the steel is really the same ???? maybe it is the new paint??? is to capitalize on the haying industries,,,when will these people truly understand that with low prices they get greater sales and more volume turn around,,,stop selling at suggested price of 100% mark up or more and sell at fair price,,,flat 10% over what each part and implement cost to get to the shop and divide delivery charge equally between every thing delivered.

    I have a Ford 501 6' and it is just to short,,,, I also have a John Deere model M no. 51 sickle mower with 6' bar and a second 5' bar with the Yoke on it as well, I am willing to sell but any ways,,,,, If any one can shed some better light, go for it!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by twlyons1 View Post

    I want a 3pt 8-9foot sickle bar mower that when tilted up at 90 degrees it will work as well as down at 45 degrees too, simple hyd, motor at hing point with hyd lift cylinder,,
    That is a great idea. I to have seen the prices for the new mowers and thought it was crazy.
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    I think the problem is that these things are low volume sellers, and as such the manufacturer can't spread out the engineering, development, tooling, and factory costs out as much as they can with a widget that sells in the millions.

    Yes, I understand that the sickle bar mower is nothing new; but each manufacturer puts their own spin on it to make it stand out from the competition.
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    The IH1300 is basically what you are describing. More than one has had a hydraulic lift placed on it. They are the cat's meow if you can find one. People don't seem to part with them. I haven't seen a 9 footer, most are 7, but it wouldn't be hard to build one. Sickle Service might even have the parts....

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