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    Good Morning

    Thread Starter: Gizmo2

    Good morning all... Just about done with my first cup of coffee what a busy day yesterday was. Amongst everything else going on getting ready for my...

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    What I Saw Today...

    Thread Starter: Kennyd

    This thread is for REAL pictures of things you've seen through your daily travels. Please no stupid outrageously obscure pictures you found on the...

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    How Many Sandwiches Do You Eat Per Day?

    Thread Starter: ColonyPark

    Thanks for humoring me, this may seem silly. Over the years of working with construction, road and now engineer/office folks, I have noticed that...

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    What did you do with your JD LCUT today!

    Thread Starter: robpm

    I know that there is a thread titled close to this on the SCUT section. So I thought that I would start one on the CUT section since that is what I...

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    What did you conquer with your MCUT

    Thread Starter: Artillian

    So, there's a thread for the "too small" and one for "too big", so I thought maybe there could be a thread for Goldilocks' "just right" sized...

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    What did you do on or to your John Deere GT today

    Thread Starter: techie1961

    I thought that we could use a thread here for the little guys. I have often wanted to post something but there wasn't a general thread for those of...

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    2017 2 Series (2038R????)

    Thread Starter: pcabe5

    In case none of you have viewed the JD website lately there is a new 2 Series listed on the "compare" tab. It is a 2038R. That's right a 37.3 HP...

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    What we did in our shop today!

    Thread Starter: CADplans

    OK, for me mowing and gardening season is over,,, I get to spend some QUALITY time in the shop. Those projects that have been nagging me were left...

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    How's the weather at your place? - April 2017

    Thread Starter: coaltrain

    Welcome to the April 2017 weather thread. April showers bring May flowers so they say as we transition from Winter to Summer. The full moon in...

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    Experienced my first REGEN today

    Thread Starter: aclass

    tractor has 51 hours on it and I was doing a little bit of loader work and sweeping the yard when the process started. You guys that are sub tier 4...

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    by Published on 05-22-2015 08:09 PM
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    Just to say thanks, Giving away a couple of gallons of XPD....

    Just post here you want some and where you may ...
    by Published on 04-01-2015 12:37 AM

    The staff here at GTT have noticed we needed a few more forums to cover a few holes that our current line-up had. We hope you enjoy them and the other upcoming changes ...
    by Published on 11-16-2014 03:40 PM
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    We thought we may try a Secret Santa Program this year on GTT. I think it would be great ...
    by Published on 10-03-2014 04:52 PM
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    It's time for more freebie fun!

    We want to thank GTT members for supporting T.H.E. Company as a vendor. ...
    by Published on 08-03-2014 10:42 PM
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    Just a little summer fun, giving away 6 John Deere Shirts. No real participation needed to win, just post here to give me ...
    by Published on 04-27-2014 03:22 PM
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    We have a new vendor joining the GTT gang. His member name is pm082576. Everybody make sure to contact him for any services ...
    by Published on 12-11-2013 07:53 PM
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    Doing a random giveaway on a couple of bottles of Opti-Lube's new Boost! to a couple of folks from the group here. Just ...
    by Published on 11-26-2013 09:33 PM
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    We have a new vendor and his member name is Heavy Hitch. Everybody make sure to contact him for any Heavy Hitch product support. You can also visit their website at

    Heavy Hitch is located in Fountain City, WI. They offer a great line of Made in the USA compact tractor attachments for sub compact, compact and lawn & garden tractors. Their products have been helping tractor owners save time on the job for years. Their innovative designs and top quality construction makes their product last for years. Check out their website and see how affordable they are!

    Green Tractor Talk thanks them for the support.
    by Published on 11-24-2013 07:18 AM

    Ok folks! We are now going into the season of dusting off old family recipes that only get used this time of the year. We should not be so far from summer, that grilling and other recipes are distant memories. We are putting together a GTT Cookbook! (Thanks to 2LaneCruzer for the idea!) This cookbook will be in a downloadable format. It would be AWESOME to have as many of your favorite recipes submitted, as possible. (And each of you may submit as many recipes as you wish!) If this is your own family recipe, let us know that. If you have a favorite from another cookbook, or website, please let us know where the recipe comes from, so that we do not get into copyright issues. I would also like to include the name of the submitter, so that you (and your family) can receive credit. That is one of the neat things about sharing recipes! Also, any interesting tidbits of info about how the recipe came about, or if it freezes well, etc., will be a plus!

    This cookbook will be a combined effort of volunteers, who just happen to like green tractors! I believe it will be broken up into several sections, such as "Appetizers, Main Courses, Side Dishes, Desserts, Breads, and Beverages". This, of course, is predicated on the recipes received, and number in each category. If we get enough involvement, "Main Courses" could be further broken down into "Beef, Chicken, Pork and Vegetarian". Photos of the finished dish will add to the cookbook, but are not required.

    What I will need from those submitting recipes, is to have them in an editable format. (Thanks to ddinham for helping with the computer end of things, since I am terribly technologically challenged!)

    Also, since this is still in the begiinning stages, if you have ideas on how to make this a great effort and final product, please, feel free to share your ideas. We might even have a photo contest, if we need a cover shot, but right now, all is flexible.

    I am hoping for a lot of help and involvement, so that this will be a fabulous cookbook, wearing the GTT name!

    More info here:
    by Published on 11-20-2013 07:18 AM

    I am hoping to document my install of the LVB26207 independent valve and hose kit. The dealer installed the independent lift when I bought the tractor but I was unaware of this kit. It came in today and I hope to start the install this evening.

    One thing I need to verify, in the instructions it states if installing with a Power Beyond kit use line LVA18446 in place of LVA16955. Does any know if hose LVA18446 is part of another kit or just a standalone hose?

    Here is the kit fresh out of the box;

    See more at

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    Good Morning

    mum-huh-mum's the word-right-man i can't even think straight for now

    BigJim55 Today, 12:52 AM Go to last post

    Good Morning

    evening-and good morning i suppose

    my eyes are pretty much crosseyed about now-i yell uns-jeez. been looking on line at honda

    BigJim55 Today, 12:46 AM Go to last post

    Flail Mower+1025r Question

    They're not iMatch compatible, I tried.

    I'm certain the 47" one with be fine, and I'd bet you'd even get away with the 59".

    Jer Today, 12:22 AM Go to last post

    How Many Sandwiches Do You Eat Per Day?

    hello out their--i have nothing to add this evening for my sammich eating of the day i feel so lonely not being able to post pics of my sanmichs-

    BigJim55 Today, 12:21 AM Go to last post

    Bad tire tube...?

    Went to work on the GX rear sidewall leaker today to install a tube, 24x12x12 2ply. I had no official tire tools other than a plug kit so I Amazon-ed

    HydroHarold Yesterday, 11:52 PM Go to last post

    Flail Mower+1025r Question

    Anybody know if the 47" Caroni Flail Mower is iMatch compatible? Can't find info on AgSupply site. AgSupply customer service doesn't know. Caroni

    fishbait Yesterday, 11:49 PM Go to last post