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    Good Morning

    Thread Starter: Gizmo2

    Good morning all... Just about done with my first cup of coffee what a busy day yesterday was. Amongst everything else going on getting ready for my...

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    What did you do with your SCUT Deere today?

    Thread Starter: starkeyb

    I find it amazing how these machines make you say, yay I have work to do. Ive been meaning to collect some firewood for a few months now. Got 'er...

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    What I Saw Today...

    Thread Starter: Kennyd

    This thread is for REAL pictures of things you've seen through your daily travels. Please no stupid outrageously obscure pictures you found on the...

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    Critter pics!

    Thread Starter: farmgirl19

    Well, I thought someone else was going to start this thread, but either he didn't, :nunu: or I didn't find it. :crazy: Here is my last bovine. I...

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    What did you do with your JD LCUT today!

    Thread Starter: robpm

    I know that there is a thread titled close to this on the SCUT section. So I thought that I would start one on the CUT section since that is what I...

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    What did you conquer with your MCUT

    Thread Starter: Artillian

    So, there's a thread for the "too small" and one for "too big", so I thought maybe there could be a thread for Goldilocks' "just right" sized...

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    You know what really grinds my gears?

    Thread Starter: Evergreen


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    What we did in our shop today!

    Thread Starter: CADplans

    OK, for me mowing and gardening season is over,,, I get to spend some QUALITY time in the shop. Those projects that have been nagging me were left...

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    Gardens 2017

    Thread Starter: grnspot110

    I know it's too early, but the seed catalogs started coming over a week ago! I did clean up a few leftover leaves this morning & cut a low hanging...

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    How's the weather at your place? - June 2017

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    Welcome to the June 2017 weather thread! May saw some turbulent weather around our group - heavy rains and heavy snows. The month of Juneís...

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  • 2014 GTT Secret Santa!


    We thought we may try a Secret Santa Program this year on GTT. I think it would be great for a group this active and fun. We are taking this from someoneís suggestion found on another board, hereís how it can work.

    You must first be a member and must have a minimum of 35 posts.

    1. Like on many of these programs, folks normally set a price limit. This is up to the buyer, maybe staying under $100 is a good idea. The key here is that you will put some thought into what youíre giving and thatís what matters the most. You can only do your best to know what the person may or may not like by their posts.

    Reminder it's a gift. You may not receive something of the same value they spent.

    2. Please send me a PM with your email and your name/address. Also post within this thread if you are in. In the PM, if you do no not wish to have a food item for a gift let me know. I could not receive food for example, I literally only eat meat and veg/fruit and ZERO grains. Some folks may have food allergies or special diets.

    3. On the 29th of November at 8PM Central I will randomly choose a member to put you with, however the member you are buying for may not be buying for you.

    4. Please try and get the gifts to the recipient by the 19th of December.

    5. Mark your gift on the outside of the mailed package "SECRET SANTA" so that the individual will know that the package is from a GTT member. ONLY if you can. Some folks may just ship direct from an online store and this may not be possible.

    6. When you get your package to post a pic of it near the tree OR state in a post on GTT that your package has arrived....and then when opened on Christmas POST on GTT what you received.

    7. Get to know the person you are buying for by reading their posts. You may come up with some better ideas for their gifts.

    8. Make sure you PM me with your address!!! Canít do this without an address........!!!!!!!

    Please do not back out last minute. This is meant to be fun, not a burden on anyone. So please only participate if you can. If you have any issues and know ahead of time you cannot follow through, please share that with me and it will stay with me only.

    Thanks all!
    Happy Holidays,

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    Good Morning

    Nice trailer, Bob.

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    Husqavarna 372XP Users

    the 372xp probally the best pro saw made.. raw power meant to cut all day everyday... i have 32" bar with full chisel chain its a little big for

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    Brush hog

    We used to replace the gear oil in the new shredders(brush cutter) during assembly and PDI with corn head lube.

    Note: Brush

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    2 part epoxy clear coating

    Most paint bases don't play well with other products there not designed for and I don't thing clear epoxy is as clear as you thing it is over a base color.

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    Good Morning

    I'm back from daughter's house. I did what I had to do, and it only took two trips to the local hardware store.
    While I was out, I stopped

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    Good Morning

    It sure is nice having spring water coming out of our faucets. I forgot to add in my description that there is also a pipe that runs from the spring to

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