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Thread: John Deere M Brush hog size?

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    John Deere M Brush hog size?

    Hello All,
    New to the site, just recently purchased a JD model M and digging around for information. Have an opportunity to purchase a JD brush hog model 613 for $500 which is 6' - will my M handle this? I'm sure it will be too heavy to lift, not worried about really lifting it but rather will the tractor be able to handle pulling and mowing with it. Any thoughts?

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    Well, the 613 was a good brush hog. My buddy has one for his 3020.

    I assume your M is somewhere around 20hp. I really think that it is too small for that size of a rotary cutter.

    I would recommend going to a a 4' if it will cover the tractor wheels or light weight 5 foot unit. Being able to pick it up is important to me because I would not want a tail wagging the dog syndrome to happen with your tractor. Also, being a 1940-1950's tractor, I would not want to overload the engine constantly trying to run the equipment.

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    I run a 5' brush hog on my 40U. That is the biggest I'd go on an M as I think the HP is 2 less on the M. I have no problem picking the brush hog up, but in thick grass or heavy brush it will slow the engine down.

    Don't forget to pick up an over-running clutch for the PTO! When engaged, the PTO is directly driven by the same shaft as the rear wheels and if you put the clutch in, an implement with a large rotating mass such as a brush hog will drive the PTO shaft and force the rear wheels to keep moving. An over-running clutch will prevent this.

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