Curtis cab on 1026R: Soft vs Hard doors
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Thread: Curtis cab on 1026R: Soft vs Hard doors

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    Curtis cab on 1026R: Soft vs Hard doors

    Always thought I wanted hard doors so when I went to order a cab for my 1026R yesterday, my salesman suggested I would probably be happier with the soft doors because they are so much quieter than the hard doors. He talked me into it but I am having second thoughts. I'm no sure I would be happy looking out of plastic rather than glass. Would appreciate hearing any comments some of you have experienced with either.

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    Curtis cab on 1026R: Soft vs Hard doors

    I have a Curtis cab with soft doors on our Gator. The vinyl windows have held up well, it's an '01 model and I think the cab went on around then as well. They're still clear and fairly scratch free. The door canvas has a small tear when it goes across part of the door structure, but is otherwise solid.

    My cab doesn't have anything in the way of soundproofing, and when we put the doors on for the winter it definitely gets louder inside. Not sure how it would compare to aftermarket hard doors. I think a layer of soundproofing material along the inside of the roof would go a long way to making it quieter. It's certainly not unbearable and beats the heck out of being in the weather, but it's nowhere near as nice as a factory cab.

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    I have a soft door Curtis cab on my 1025r, and had one on a 2305. Never had hard doors. Never had any problems with either cab, with the heater, it's plenty warm.

    I found that a product made by Meguiar's keeps the clear vinyl like new.
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