John Deere 6200 transmission or brake issue?
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Thread: John Deere 6200 transmission or brake issue?

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    John Deere 6200 transmission or brake issue?

    Hello all. I am brand new to the forum.
    We have a John Deere 6200 (16,000 hours) that we have been pursuing an issue on for some time now. It started with us hearing a slight squeal or whine when on the road in high gear. Also, when you push the clutch in it would stop more rapidly than expected rather than coasting like normal. In addition, it was noticed that when unlocking the brakes, the left side would feel normal when pressed, whereas the right side would go all the way to the floor. Our intuition and a call to the dealer led us to think brakes. We rebuilt both sides of the brake cylinder that the pedal engages, and also pulled the right final drive and axle off, and checked the pad and the cylinder. We didn't find anything wrong, and brought them to the dealer who confirmed this. We put new o-rings on the brake cylinder while we were in there, put it all back together, bled the system, and tried it today. No improvement. The right brake pedal does seem to operate normally, but the tractor still whines in high gear and stops quickly when the clutch is engaged.

    Our frustration is growing. Second cut is already late, and we need that tractor. I still am reluctant to believe it is something in the transmission, but we are out of ideas.
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    Did you try jacking up the rear wheels and putting transmission in neutral? Then try turning each rear wheel to see if one drags more than the other. The other thing is do you have mfwd? If so, the mfwd may be not releasing? The clutch for mfwd is spring engaged and hydraulically disengaged. If wire comes loose from solenoid, the mfwd will stay engaged.
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