Scv with load sense? Tractor without.
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Thread: Scv with load sense? Tractor without.

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    Scv with load sense? Tractor without.

    Just wondering how I would hook up a selective control valve with load sense to my JD 4710 without load sense function? Can I just plug the load sense function and hook the valve up in line with my power beyond?

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    LS Load Sense controls the pump. So it depends is the SCV the same "center" as your tractor? By same "center" I mean "open center" or "closed center" . These can not be mixed.
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    I assume you are referring to a 4710 compact tractor and not a 4710 sprayer? Not sure what load sense scv you have, but all I am aware of are closed center valves. Compact 4710 is open center and a closed center valve is not going to work. I have never heard of trying to use a load sense valve on a machine not designed for load sense. Perhaps some are made to be convertible, but I am not aware of that. I would recommend getting an actual open center valve for best chance of working properly. If you are speaking of a 4710 sprayer, then that does have pressure flow compensated system designed for a load sense valve and should work fine, but load sense line will need to be connected.

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