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    4450 Turbo

    So I recently purchased a low hour 4450 that has not been used much the last few years. The owner has only been putting on like 40 hours a year on it. It runs great and has tons of power. I have been running and its been going well. Today I tried to upgrade the lights with LED's and had to lift the hood and I noticed some small amount of oil leaking from the turbo housing onto the exhaust manifold. Just curious if anyone has and ideas?

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    Not familiar with that particular setup, but with what I know of turbos it could be an o-ring that has dried out and cracked with the low usage.
    First thing is to figure out exactly where the oil leak is coming from.
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    One of the most common causes of turbo oil leaks is when something prevents engine oil from draining from the turbo housing, which will cause it rise past the oil seals. One of the things that causes this is when people don't know they have to idle the engine for two minutes or more after working it hard. Not doing this causes oil to stop circulating, and since the turbo is still very hot, the oil cooks in the turbo and can cause a variety of serious problems. Leaking oil is a symptom of some of these problems.

    Bottom line, you need to have that turbo serviced/replaced/rebuilt, before it takes out your engine. Turbos aren't expensive, nor is accessing them time consuming (on a tractor, at least). A cheap repair today will save you from a catastrophic repair bill tomorrow.
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