Starter & Electrical Light Issues
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Thread: Starter & Electrical Light Issues

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    Starter & Electrical Light Issues

    We have a 2950 Sound Guard Tractor, with JD Loader - That was purchased used.
    - We had starter problems with the original starter dragging. We load tested the batteries which tested fine. We replaced starter. The temperature is sub zero. The tractor started fine for a couple of days then the starter would not activate unless you jumped across the starter solenoid (from the key switch terminal) to the positive terminal where the battery cables connect. Ahead of the starter is a Ford type (secondary)solenoid that the previous owner apparently installed. The key switch activates the (secondary) solenoid which puts power to the starter solenoid, which activates the starter. I went to by-pass that (secondary) solenoid and noticed that the wire that went to the starter solenoid (key switch terminal) had a crimp on connector that was loose which I replaced. The tractor started fine for a day then the starter would not engage with the key switch. The key switch does close the (secondary) solenoid which sends power to the starter solenoid. Battery voltage is 13 VDC which is the same elsewhere.
    - Another problem I noticed was that the gauges on the dash sometimes would not work when the key switch was activated. By chance, I noticed that the light switch activated the gauges. I opened up the dash and discovered that a light switch wire had melted and is exposed. Don't think that these two issues are related but could be. I have not taken the wiring harness out of the dash yet to rebuild. Looks like there are factory cab, fender, and front lights with two additional LED lights, which I would not think would over load the wiring, but have not traced out the wires yet to see if a bare wire is under hood or body.

    Please help, Thanks JLS1

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    Welcome to GTT
    1st thing I'd recommend is relocating the battery ground cables to attach to starter mounting bolt or at least engine block if not already performed. Does added solenoid(relay) have a good ground(earth) connection? You might want to consider adding a hyd pump detroking screw($15) if starting problems persist.
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