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    Time saver

    This may belong elsewhere but when I think of forks I think Artillian, so Mods move away @ your discretion. As I use my forks more and more, some of the time it is for lifting the same things, ie. my fire wood bin, and I find myself trying to figure out which position the forks go in to fit the narrow openings on the pallet I chose for my bin. I hate getting on and of the tractor because I chose to narrow or wide so I decided to use small dabs of paint on the back of Chris's frame to match the dab of paint on the item I am picking up. A little yellow dab on the second slot out from center on each side matches the yellow blob I put on the wood bin and I know I am only doing it once. If something else uses the same spread I don't have to use a new color I just put a yellow blob on that as well. I am sure you could make some refinements to this system but I was just trying to make life a little easier. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Good tip (;

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    Thanks for sharing Manomet.

    And you're right, this thread could apply to any brand of forks. It probably could get more exposure in a broader section of the forum.
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