Debating ordering
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Thread: Debating ordering

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    Debating ordering

    After reading a lot of the threads about artillian, I donít understand their confusion with orders. It seems just about every order has a snafu, eg, doesnít show up, no one answers phone, email delayes etc. I feel their forks are the best but seeing an order thru is a PITA. How hard is it to take an order and I just ship it.i will probably wait till they get the bugs out and order then.
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    I understand when I ordered my dirverter kit it was 6 weeks to get it I had my grapple in 5 days and waited 5 more weeks to use it. So Sad.
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    I got my forks in 8 days. Did take 3 calls before I talked to a human but had good email communication the whole time.
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    I ordered my forks in January last year and got them within a week. This January (the 6th) I ordered the front hoe for them, got a confirmation email right away for the order stating I would get another email when they shipped.

    A week later still had not heard anything so I sent an email asking when they might ship. Got an email right back that it looked like they would ship this past Tuesday (15th). Obviously they did not, still have received nothing else, this is now 2 weeks since ordering.

    I wasn't too concerned the first week thinking maybe they had issues because of the bad weather. But this is unacceptable to me when a company does not let you know if there is going to be a delay, and does not do what it says with no explanation. It's a real shame what has happened to what was such a fine company.

    I will probably start trying to call them Monday.
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    Iím going to advocate just placing your order and doing whatever it takes to get the things you want from Artillian, the sooner you order the sooner youíll get them and be able to use them. Iím of the belief that once you start seeing the benefits of having these indispensable products that the ordering and delivery pains will be all but forgotten.

    Bite the bullet, order and roast the CC and once you get them youíll thank yourself you did.

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    it took me about 2 weeks to get my products I didn't try calling about them but every time I e-mailed peter he responding quickly and he kept me informed on the status the whole way thru the order I was pleased with how quick I got them and the customer service I got from peter
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    I ordered a new frame for my 3039R last July.

    I used the online order. They e-mailed me a confirmation and a few days later it showed up.

    I got the frame before JD could get the backhoe, which held up taking delivery of the tractor.

    Every company has its glitches.

    You'll love the frame and forks. Even if you have to wait. They are worth it.
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    I emailed them Nov 16th at 10pm on a Friday night. Got an email by 9am Monday. I had a quick question before I ordered.
    He was helpful. I ordered my diverter at lunch time that day(19th) on their website from my phone. It was shipped on the 21st and I received it that Friday, Saturday, or Monday. So by the 27th. I was pleased.

    It was a diverter for a 2018 2025r
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