Air Conditioning for the JD 1 Series & 2 Series
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Thread: Air Conditioning for the JD 1 Series & 2 Series

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    Air Conditioning for the JD 1 Series & 2 Series

    GTT Forum Members,

    Interested in your opinion.

    Curtis Industries, owner of Artillian Tractor, recently introduced an Air Conditioning System for the Kubota BX70-80.

    We are considering a similar system for the John Deere 1 & 2 Family Tractors.

    We are interested in any feedback you have on this system, features and pricing.

    The system features an automotive grade, fully charged & sealed electric Air Conditioning Unit.

    What makes our system unique, is the patent pending technology we have developed, allowing us to power the unit without impacting the performance of the tractor, even at peak load demands.

    I have included a link below for you to view the system on our web site, and included an image of the roof mounted unit (with custom roof).

    Kubota, air conditioning, AC, Kubota BX2370-1, Kubota BX2380

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BX Air Unit.jpg 
Views:	54 
Size:	47.8 KB 
ID:	576273

    Installed Retail Pricing $3500.

    Please let us know what you think about a similar system on the Deere 1 & 2 Family Tractors, with a Curtis Cab of Course!!

    Thank You

    John F Davis
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Curtis Industries & Artillian Tractor
    [email protected]
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    Sure beats shorts and a tank top, that's my air conditioning, although I guess I'd need a cab.
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    I would like to see an option like this. I like the idea of a cab when brush cutting and mowing. It can get pretty dry and HOT here in SC. The only reason I have wanted a cab was to keep down the dust and weeds while brush cutting, but without air conditioning a cab would be a death sentence in SC heat.
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    I guess I don’t even see why this is a question, it seems silly to have developed a system for one of the major brands and not make it an option for the other brand that it likely equal or larger in market share... no offense

    I’d think a Curtis cab, regardless of brand fit, would have the option available if the buyer has the desire and the
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    I would like to see this and believe it could be a big seller for you, especially in the South. As someone else said, a cab would be great when mowing or brush-hogging but it would be unbearable here in Texas without AC. I would sure be interested in it for my 1025r.

    I believe the demand for small tractors with cab and AC will grow just as the demand for small tractors has. Just my $.02
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    Kind of sort of like this company's models?

    I like the Jeep Wrangler mirrors in the Curtis PDF sell sheet. I got mine on Cramazon for about $80 a pair as I recall.
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    Don’t see any need for air conditioning on a tractor. I could get by fine with out it in my truck. It just doesn’t get hot enough in northern wi to need ac.
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    Well I can't have a cab where I live but I have thought about it a lot. The one thing going against having a cab in my opinion if I was on flat land, is not having AC. Having a cab for me means being able to use it year round. Having heat in the winter months is nice but having AC in the summer is even better.
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    Even in less hot environments I just couldn’t imagine a cab without A/C - it is all glass and acts like a greenhouse.
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