Another Satisfied Customer (again)
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Thread: Another Satisfied Customer (again)

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    Another Satisfied Customer (again)

    Just a quick shout out for Chris at Artillian. We had an opportunity to speak over the phone a couple weeks ago and during the course of our discussion my blinders came up and I commented on how I had a small hole in one of them. This of course was my own doing and in no part due to the design or manufacturing of his product. Fast forward about a week and find a package from Artillian at our door. I first suspected Secret Santa but I discovered Chris was replacing my shields under warranty. This gesture was not expected but so appreciated.

    As many others have noted and commented, Chris's level of customer satisfaction goes so far beyond expectations. It is again, members (and supporting vendors) like Chris that make me proud to be part of GTT.

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    What can I say other than I agree.
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    Add me to the list, Happy

    Once again, I too am very satisfied with the products that Chris Artillian sells. I bought the 3" fork storage dollies on the Black Friday deal. Fast shipping of a unique storage problem answer with a clever design that does the job. Safe, easy to install and easy to move about, and Green to boot. I started out with the Harbor F... plastic dolly with some 2 x 4 blocks screwed in place. Did it work, sure. Did it work well? Not so much. Was it safe? Not at all. When I stepped back and looked, I realized This Product Does The Job.
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    Ditto on the dollies!
    Easy to roll around. And I can park the forks right under the left side of the tractor in my garage.
    (Putting them on the left I won't miss them when I climb up, and accidentally try to drive over them!)


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