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Thread: Forks Usage in a Year

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    Wish that price was still available!

    Quote Originally Posted by IndianaJim View Post
    My forks are on almost as much as the bucket is.
    I spent a hair over $300. They weigh slightly more than the Artillian, if my scale is accurate and Artillians weights are accurate.

    Regardless of use vs cost, I think we all buy what we feel is the best investment for us. Some of us arent willing to spend a ton on an attachment while others are, while us titewads will spend money on other stuff that the big spenders wont, reversing the narrative.

    6 of one, a half-dozen of the other.

    Next year you may just use them a ton.
    Kinda like a snowblower in Indiana. Some Winters it just sits. Others I wouldnt be without one.
    If I could find a set at that price, I'd pull the trigger right now. I think the UA on Titan's website are almost twice that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treefarmer View Post
    If I could find a set at that price, I'd pull the trigger right now. I think the UA on Titan's website are almost twice that.

    It was one of their big sales they do from time to time. It I originally bought the UA forks, but they didnt fit. Turns out the ones made overseas were built about the same from what I could see. They ended up crediting me the difference in cost, though Id have rather had the UA ones, they were out of stock for a couple months at the time they said.
    Looks like the ones I initially wanted are about $588. The ones I ended up with are $544. There was a bigger price difference when I got them. I am pretty sure it was a 30% off sale, and that they were closer to $300 than $400. Id like to say exactly, but it was a while ago and I cant find the email with the info.
    Jim B.

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    Since I have the old school pin on bucket. The quick style forks don’t work for me! My 30” clamp on forks work well for my use. Which is just a few times a year. But I’m glad I have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PikeCoGreenTractorMan View Post
    I'm glad that this thread popped up. Clamp-on forks are on my wish list for next spring. I've got some logs to move, brush piles to rearrange/burn, and I've long thought that some quality clamp on bucket forks would be most useful in my operation.

    I'm with TTWT. I had a set of clamp on forks for a while. Used them first on my Kubota 2620 and my JD2038R after trading the Kubota. I was builing a stone wall and had 10 pallets of rocks to move around. I couldn't even pick them up with the clamp on forks. I bought a set of pin on's and had no problems picking the pallets up. The set I bought was from Titan, they are heavy. I'm thinking about putting them on Craigslist and moving up to a set from Artillian.
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