Thanks Chris! The forks are perfect!
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Thread: Thanks Chris! The forks are perfect!

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    Thanks Chris! The forks are perfect!

    Just wanted to thank Chris for a great product. My forks were delivered Monday but it wasn't until this afternoon that I got to use them.
    I used the backhoe on my 1026R to dig out some hedge that is growing wild at my place. I made a nice pile and used the forks to pick up it up. What a time saver. No more dragging stuff to the burn pile or loading it on a truck or trailer and then unloading it onto a burn pile.
    They are going to save my back also.

    I still would like to have a "true" grapple, but the forks work so well that I don't know that it would be worth the additional cost. Only advantage there would be not having to put stuff in piles before you pick it up.

    Lots of chores planned for the forks. Going to be a great addtion to the tool shed....

    Jim Ed
    2012 1026R Factory TLB
    H120 Loader, 260 Backhoe, 60D MMM with Auto PTO and Hydraulic Lift, iMatch QH, Artillian Forks, Frontier BB5060L Box Blade, Piranha Toothbar, ANBO GR-M 60" Grapple, Ken's Bolt on Hooks

    2005 John Deere GX345
    20 HP, Liquid Cooled, Power Steering, Hydraulics, 54C Deck
    17P Cart
    25 Gallon Brinley tow behind sprayer

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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks and it's great to hear that the forks are already making your life easier. If it's anything like my own experience, your bucket may become the "accessory" and your forks end up staying on the loader by default. Of course, that may not be the case for everyone, I realize.

    As far as a grapple goes, with some new machinery coming in soon I am expecting to much more easily be able to expand into this and a variety of other ideas long awaiting development.

    Thanks again Jim!
    Tractor Attachments Maximized for Versatility
    Email: [email protected]

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