3 PT Landscape Rake on the Loader
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Thread: 3 PT Landscape Rake on the Loader

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    3 PT Landscape Rake on the Loader

    Here's a secondary attachment that is extremely useful for any kind of sculpting work, the Quick Hitch Adapter. It lets you mount your quick hitch and 3PT attachments such as a landscaping rake out in front in full view. Being able to use a little bit of down pressure from time to time is so much more useful than the gravity only on the rear of the machine. You can spin the rake and push forward, or pull backward depending on the job. You can dump or curl the angle so you can dig deeply or grade lightly. You can knock down high spots with ease. Instead of the bucket, the rake lets you see through quite a bit better for grading work.

    On my honey-do list recently was to clear a walking trail in the woods on our property. No problem. The section of trail in this video took about 3 passes or about 10 minutes to be down to bare soil/peat. Sticks, leaves, vines, growth, etc. All gone.

    Note that the adapter in this video is an old prototype. The actual ones are a bit different in construction but function the same exact way (and are significantly lighter to handle).
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