Put up a 20x12 Shelter Logic Round Top
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Thread: Put up a 20x12 Shelter Logic Round Top

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    Put up a 20x12 Shelter Logic Round Top

    I had cleared an area, intending to build a small shed for some yard equipment, but ran out of time before getting serious (winter is coming...). The Shelter Logic 20x12 round top "Garage in a box" is a quick fix so I can get the offending items out of the tractor storage shed so I can bring the 3038e back from the acreage before snow gets to be an issue. We picked it up up as a 25% off Black Friday item at the local Tractor Supply.

    This is the area I had cleared, in the pic I'm using the 1025R to move in some fill to address the slope. I built it up with the material I could source on site, then later got a load of gravel to finish with area prep.

    This is where some of the fill came from, a berm by an old logging road bed that I wanted cut down for a path to a corner pin anyway.

    After using the readily available material, I ordered 7 tons of crusher run to finish the prep work. It got delivered just hours before a brief snow event, I spread a bit right after delivery to reduce the amount of mud I'd have when I distributed the rest later.

    The Shelter Logic box weighed about 192 lb., most of that weight was the metal frame components. They suggest having 2 or 3 people do the assembly, but I found it can pretty much be done by a single person, but help is a good thing. I off loaded it from the truck with the 1025R bucket & set it on the car hauler to do inventory & separate out the various parts.

    I did some partial assembly of the arches there at the trailer, then moved them out to the site to finish turning them into the 6 12x8 ribs that make up the bulk of the structure.

    Getting the first couple tipped up & connected with the longitudinal stringers was a bit of a pain - would have been easier with a helper.

    Then it was just a matter of tipping up the rest, one at a time & attaching the stringers.

    With the structure up & double checked for square I had to twist in 6 30" long augers as anchors. The end panels were the next step. A strap inside a perimeter pocket gets cranked tight with strap ratchets to pinch the panel around the end arch.

    Once both end panels were in place, the cover could be pulled into place. Sorry no pics of the process, the wife came out to lend a hand & wouldn't have appreciated my stopping to do pics.
    The ends of the cover have the same kind of strap/perimeter pocket arrangement that allows you to cinch the ends over the outside arches. You can see the ratchets at the bottom corners.

    Not shown, but the final main steps were to clamp tubes running through pockets along the cover near the bottom edge to the vertical rib tubes. The clamps are similar to what you see used with chain link fence installations. With the bottom stringers finished, steel cables were used to tie the structure to the anchor augers.

    The end panels have a tube inserted in a pocket across the bottom & a couple of grommets that are used to make it possible to "roll up" the unzipped doors like a window blind. A couple of cleats were added inside to tie them off.

    That pretty much finished the job. Now I just need to get things moved around.

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    Nice. I like it.

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    good looking storage. I am impressed that you did it your self. Great job
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikdfish View Post
    I had cleared an area, intending to build a small shed for some yard equipment, but ran out of time before getting serious (winter is coming...). The Shelter Logic 20x12 round top "Garage in a box" is a quick fix so I can get the offending items out of the tractor storage shed so I can bring the 3038e back from the acreage before snow gets to be an issue. We picked it up up as a 25% off Black Friday item at the local Tractor Supply.

    That pretty much finished the job. Now I just need to get things moved around.

    I put up a ShelterLogic a few months ago, very similar (13x24x10), and it has done what I’ve asked it to.

    I’m very impressed you were able to get the ribs up and the cross braces in between by yourself.

    It looks like you’ve got plenty of trees to break the wind, that’ll be a huge help. Our house and shelter are on top of a hill, and the really windy days wreak havoc on the tarps on mine. I’ve had to make several modifications to try and keep all the bottom edges from flapping up. And just last week, we had some 40+ mph winds during the night, next morning went out to check and the zippered door had ripped apart on one side. I’m not unhappy with ShelterLogic at all, it is a temporary shelter and I don’t have it in an ideal spot.

    Very nice write up btw.

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    I have put up 7 of these over the years, 1 for myself and the others at friends places. Here's my suggestions for the ground prep that I have found to work the best.

    1) If your in a snow area, buy the optional snow upgrade kit, it's worth it.

    2) Raise the area the pad will be on several inches higher than the surrounding land so that it will drain into the lower soil and be drier inside the shelter

    3) If your going to make this a long term or if you live in a snow area, go to a garden supply store and get a 24x24x3" cement patio block for each leg of the shelter. set them into the ground level. Tamp the ground to seat them in well, these will be the anchors as you will screw each foot down to blocks. The blocks weigh about 80 pounds each, the shelter will stay put in the wind and if you have a snow load, the feet have a hard point to push against so they will be able to resist bowing out which is how they fail with a snow load. (If you have snow, get a snow rake as you have to get the snow off it before it gets deeper than 6 inches otherwise it may fail, which means if you get a lot of snow, you have to go out in the storm to clean it off)

    4) Go to tractor supply and get a roll of the thick plastic sheeting, (I think it's 16 feet wide and 24 feet long) lay this down before you put your final layer of floor, this will stop ground moisture from collecting in the shelter.

    5) Get the vent kits and the "door rope" kits, they will make it a lot better for moisture control and going in and out.

    6) Keep the tarp tensioned against the frame as if it flops around, it will wear through quickly from rubbing against the steel tubes.

    7) If you have snow, you have to clear out the snow from the sides after you take it off the roof, otherwise it will build up against the sides and collapse the shelter inward from it's weight.
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    Depending on your wind, two things I did with ours was lag the legs to a sled of 2x8 runs along each of the sides so that it weighs it down and keeps it from shifting. Also I went to Home Depot and bought ground screws used for dog cable tie downs and then used ratchet straps to strap down the shelter in 4 corners from the upper crossbar to the ground screw to keep it snug and not shift as well.
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    Looks great, thanks for the write up and pics. A friend of mine, actually the guy we bought our house from, put up a similar ShelterLogic structure 11 years ago when he lost his barn because he sold the property to us. I don't know what options he has on his, but it sits in a similar site as yours with some tree protection, your site reminds me A LOT of his. His is still in the same spot and looks no different after 11 years.
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    Nice work!
    I thought about one of them, but wanted shelving and such and something a bit more permanent.
    Plus the location will be pretty windy and heavy snow, so bought an actual shed instead.
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    Good decision going with the round top. I had a similar unit, except mine had the peaked roof. Used it for storing my boat,

    First winter after we moved to the mountains, I still had the shelter at the old property. That winter we got the massive snow storms of 2 feet plus. Went down to the old house and the roof on it had collapsed from the weight. The shelter was about 10 years old, no rust on the poles, just too much weight that didn't slide off on its own.
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