Confused over LED lighting
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Thread: Confused over LED lighting

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    Confused over LED lighting

    I really have not looked at lighting in years. Now I want to install three FOUR foot LED fixtures overhead in my barn workshop area. They will be about 10 feet off the ground. The shop area is 12' X 24' so I'm thinking three fixtures, equally spaced. Two Lamps per unit with about 4,000 lumens should do it.

    Now I see the fixtures are Integrated. No tube style lamps like regular fluorescent. So no I'm totally confused over all this new light tech stuff. I want to spend about $35-40 per unit. I see stuff at the big box place, the Orange one & the Blue one that are in the $$ range, but I really don't understand what I'm Buying. I was thinking I buy a fixture & it would have a couple of tubes I install & I'm done. Can anyone suggest what I should be looking for. Mt goal is to have some decent lighting in th shop area of my barn to light up my work benches & power tool areas. Thanks for the help.

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    tech and fixtures are changing rapidly especialy in cost

    #1 buy based on lumens

    a std florescent tube 4' bulb is +/- around 2000 lumens for comparison

    yes there are integrated units (i own several) and they work as advertized what i question is what do you do when one i usually buy extra units for replacements ...but i have yet to have one fail with 2-4 years experience

    also there are 4' led tubes that work just like 4' florescent tubes.....some can be used with a ballast and some are direct wired to 115v with no ballast required.....some power from the pins of both ends ....some power from just one set of pins on one end....they are also lumens rated and are replaceable ....but currently tubes are running $5-$15 EACH so it might be more practical to just get unitized units

    many of the unitized units come with daizy chain type connectors and cords fixture to fixture and you can connect up to 10 in one daisy chain

    this is all based on your wanting 4' type fixtures as there are other options based on standard screw in bulb bases

    lumen for lumen it seems to me that LEDs seem to be more directional and do not fill a space with light as well as a tube or incandescent so keep that in mind when placing them ..i really like them much better than Flo's due to cold weather capabilities and low power ussage, less brightness fall off over time, and so far no failures

    hope this helps
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    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the integrated units. They work just fine. You don’t have to spend big bucks to get decent LED shop lighting. I installed a bunch of the $20 two-tube LED fixtures from Costco several years ago and they still going strong.

    If and when they fail I’ll replace them with whatever new $20 fixture is selling at the time which will probably be brighter and use even less power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddog View Post
    II was thinking I buy a fixture & it would have a couple of tubes I install & I'm done. .
    If you are buying an integrated unit then the "tubes" are already installed. You mount the whole thing, plug it in and flip the switch. Done!
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    You already started a thread on this:

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