Attach the BIGTOOLRACK to your 3 point hitch and now gain the ability to carry a Snow Blower in the bed as well as sand & salt etc....So many of my customers comment on the fact that once they set their machine up for winter by putting the FEL plow blade on or taking the loader off and adding the snowblower they loose the ability to carry stuff. Not any more add the BIGTOOLRACK and get that back and more you can even add a small sander spreader to the 2 inch end receiver if you choose too..... Remember now you can also carry your firewood as well... One other benefit is the Bigtoolrack is a great way to add counter weight!

You can add 6-42lb suitcase weights to your BIGTOOLRACK!

Doing this gives you an additional 252 pounds of weight thats over 500 pounds of weight with the rack, You can also add 600 pounds of cargo giving you a total of 1100 pounds of counter weight!

BIGTOOLRACK gives you the counterweight you need when you need it! As you know ballast is very important when using your loader pallet forks or even extra weight for snowblowing or snow plowing...It just makes sense!!

Orders placed before December 19th
Have a choice of a FREE
Chainsaw holder
Trimmer holder
Free shipping to any business in the continental US
Free assembly
Order the attachment that has changed the tractor market!

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