Haying with my 955
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Thread: Haying with my 955

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    Haying with my 955

    Looking at haying our 30 acres with my 955 this summer. I have been given a tedder, rake and square baler, so all I need now is the ability to cut the hay. I am thinking that a 6-7 foot sickle bar mower will be okay for the job. My 33hp tractor might be able to run a 4-5' disc mower but I am more inclined to start with the sickle bar I can afford, then look at a larger 40-60hp tractor and a disc mower next year. I have access to a 45 hp Kubota for the baler..I question whether the 955 will do well baling. It does have loaded rears, but the power drops rapidly when the hydraulic fluid heats up. And, let's face it: I'll not be haying when its 40 degrees outside, unless it's this year..
    So any experience with sickle bar mowing on a 955? Lastly I am looking at a Rossi or a Frontier 3106 sickle mower...same manufacturer? Or if different, any preferences?
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    sickle bar mowers take very little hp to run........when i first started doing some hay with super cheap equipment i ran a old 7' sickle bar haybine with conditioners with a 33ptohp tractor.l...

    with that small of a tractor you need to be careful how much weight it puts on the back of the tractor so wheeled/pulled implements would be preferred

    i still run a tedder and rake with the small tractor

    i also used to square bale with a old JD 24T square baler with the 33ptohp lcut tractor

    i will say this.....30 acres will be a lot to deal with ..with that size equipment.......you proably need to think 5 acres max at a time to try to deal with

    issues will tend to arrise when working on hills with smaller tractors...i ran mine on flat bottom land
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    Agree with ttazzman. I have a 790 and so does my cousin, they are limited to what can be done with them. We have a 24t and a 14t balers that they will run, but I don’t think I would want to do 30 acres with it. Rake and Tedder and pull wagons they do great and are handy. We handled our smaller round bales with them and with the right ballast they did fine.
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    Thanks Bob
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