Defective Fuel Injectors
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Thread: Defective Fuel Injectors

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    Defective Fuel Injectors

    I was just wondering if anyone has problems with John Deere fuel injectors failing in the field. We recently replaced all 6 on our 98' 9500 and within 3 hours of corn harvest one had blown out of the sleeve completely and another was forced out about a 1/4" and would have blown completely in the not so distant future. The injectors and work both came from our local dealership.

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    Can you tell me which fuel system (Bosch, Denso or Stanadyne) is on your combine and whether you got new or remanufactured nozzles?

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    I have never used it but hear their commercial on the radio. If my engine ever gets to sounding funky I'm going to try it.

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