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Thread: John Deere Running Gear HELP

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    John Deere Running Gear HELP

    I recently pulled an old gravity flow box out of a farmer's hedgerow that was mounted on a Deere 1065A running gear. I pulled off all the tires to mount new ones and figured since I'd gone that far that I'd pull the hubs to re-pack the wheel bearings. I've got everything broken down and ready to put back together with the exception of one hub. The pressed-in race that the outer bearing rides in spun in the hub casting. I'm going to attempt to build it up with some weld today and grind it to fit. I really hate to use this method, but for a temporary solution I can use this to get the thing home. I've Googled to no-end in finding a replacement JD hub without spending a mint. Worst part is I know some farmer has another farm wagon in a graveyard of parts or even has one sitting in a forgotten bucket of parts in the shop. If anyone has one please message me. The # on the cast hub is 14020. I've also provided a picture.
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    I think your weld-in-more material is a appropriate fix, but the "grind to fit" may be a problem. Any chance you know someone with a lathe that could turn it for you?

    OTOH, this is not a high speed unit, so your method will probably work just fine.

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