Knotter Problem 348 Square Baler
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Thread: Knotter Problem 348 Square Baler

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    Knotter Problem 348 Square Baler

    I have a late series 348 and have problems with it missing knots. it seems to be the timing of the twine disc or something related. The twine (using plastic) occasionally goes over the billhook roller. The Manual says twine disc timing or needles. i think it could also be the tucker fingers, as there's a bit of play in that mechanism but I've seen it missing the twine. But the main thing is the twine disc timing in that the twine doesn't seem to fit into the notch of the disc perfectly after it's been running several bales. Is anyone familiar with the tricks and tips for these knotters (all are the same for this series). I'm wondering if the needles position are critical. i've got new needles but it's hard to get them both to touch the edge of the slot with nice equal pressure. Any help with general tips and ideas on how to get these working consistently would be great.

    By the way, the parts, tucker fingers, billhook, wiper, blade all seem to be in very good condition. I replaced one of the billhooks when I bought the baler. And this problem has been a problem since I've owned it (1year) so unfortunately I don't have a good working situation to work off of.

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    I haven't worked with a baler for over thirty years. As I recall, using plastic twine requires the knotters be more fine tuned than when using sisal twine. Do you have the same action on both knotters? The same problem at the same time on both knotters most times point to the tucker fingers. It seems as though there is a small leaf type spring that provides tension on the twine disc which is adjusted with a 7/16 or 1/2 lock nut. Does the twine lay correctly in the notch in the twine disc? Are you able to adjust the needles by loosening one bolt and tightening the other to move the needles position? I'm sorry but I don't remember the process to adjust the twine disc timing. I just read your post again and I see that you say that the twine doesn't fit in the twine disc slot properly after a few bales. Have you checked to see if anything is loose and allowing the disc shaft to move after some use?

    Sorry for the disjointed post, but I just wrote things as they came to mind. I'd be more than happy to work with you on it in the field, but we are a fair distance apart. There are some guys on here with much more recent experience than I and far better able to help you. I'm sure someone will be along in a couple days.

    By the way, welcome to GTT.
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