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Thread: Windows 10 & photos

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    Windows 10 & photos

    I've never had to send photos before using windows 10. But I can't send any because the size of the photos are way too big & exceed the capacity I'm allowed. I've also installed a free program called "Easy Thumbnails" & it appear to be installed correctly but I still don't know how to get the photo size down.

    The second problem to this is that if I have several photos I want to reduce & send all at the same time, how do I reduce the size of the photos as a "batch" so I avoid individual sizing which can be a real PIA. Is there a help section in 10 I can go to. Whatever I try is not working. I'm sure there's a simple answer but I can't find it. I'm not into this stuff. If it doesn't have nuts & bolts, I can't deal with it.

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    I have used this image viewer/editor for many years. Has always been free but I sent the guy $20 a couple years ago since it works so well and is constantly updated.

    FastStone Image Viewer - Powerful and Intuitive Photo Viewer, Editor and Batch Converter

    With that you can easily resize images alone or a batch.

    They also have a standalone image resizer -

    FastStone Photo Resizer - Powerful Image Converter/Resizer

    There is a slight learning curve with the image viewer but that is to be expected with so many functions. Once you get the basic idea the rest comes easily.
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    Faststone works great, and for single resize/edit/crop/reduce resolution/convert and many other functions, (free) works very well. I'm still looking for one that handles gamma as well as the old Photo Editor that came with Microsoft Office.

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    Maddog, are you talking email from a computer? If so, it might benefit you to look into G Mail. File size is not an issue. That is how I send email recipients video files. The recipient would of course also have to have G Mail.
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