How bad is it?
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Thread: How bad is it?

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    How bad is it?

    Everybody knows spying on the Internet is pretty bad.
    This article gives you a basic idea of how bad it really is..............Just saying.
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    Eh - doesnít really surprise me. At least they (Google) donít have my location info with no cell phone.

    Thereís an inherent risk getting on line - I really donít care what they store or know. Itís all about advertising (money) of which I am not swayed by - donít see the ads anyway.
    It is what it is
    Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss
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    This seems to be mostly centered on those folks that put their whole life and minute by minute activities on Facebook via a mobile device.
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    You can turn off the Google history location setting. Did that years ago so my 'timeline' is blank. The rest?? Yea... I'm screwed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgayman View Post
    This seems to be mostly centered on those folks that put their whole life and minute by minute activities on Facebook via a mobile device.
    yeah-i have to agree with u jgayman. we have no fancy phones here-so the only place they could track me i guess is by what i do on here, and where i search on here. i bet them fellas are tired of looking at all the wood splitting videos i've watched in the last 5 or 6 yrs

    wife does visit scary face some evenings-but that's rare for her to visit it 3 times in a week.

    i'm like coaltrain-i got nuthing of value-so let em look

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    Everything 'gps' on the phones is turned off. I don't use apple 'anything' because they don't let your turn tracking off. I use firefox as my browser and after I visit a site I return home and click 'shift-alt-delete'. Click on 'clear everything'. This removes everything including cookies and history. Poor facebook doesn't know how to target adds for me anymore. That along with ad blockers and another program which blocks any post or ad with certain words I don't get much crap on fb anymore. And I only use it because that's the method my astronomy club has chosen to communicate. Even with all that I know they find out what sites I visit because my antivirus software collects the info and sells it to them. We need some privacy laws.
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