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    AOMEI Backupper

    What do you guys recommend these days for cloning software. Is AOMEI any good? I used to use Norton Ghost back in the day.
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    "Cloning" as in cloning a new HD to replace the original in a single system, cloning a specific workstation OS build to multiple like workstations to deploy preconfigured systems or cloning physical systems into a virtual environment?

    For single drive cloning I use an Apricorn single drive USB cloning kit, the system doesn't need to have 2 drive bays to clone, it uses a USB to SATA cable to mount the drive externally and clone in either direction. The kit costs about 20 bucks and has a cloning/resizing utility that works very well on both Windows and Linux systems.

    For enterprise scale physical clones I used to use Ghost both before and for a while after Norton purchased them however, since the advent of Microsoft Deployment toolkit (MDT/AIK), I have used that exclusively along with SCCM to deploy. As far as Linux, I boot from custom USB tiny build at run level 3 which then exe a build script for the final configuration.

    For virtual environments, the included physical to virtual conversion functionality just works.


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