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Thread: "Smart" phone question

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    "Smart" phone question

    Y'll know that I am tech challenged. I also have not had a need to upgrade cell phones. So, boss lady has let me keep the oldest phone in the fleet. I've actually liked having it, even though I think it predated flip phones. The others call it a "relic".

    I mean, I REALLY like it. Better customers have their own ringtone. PIA customers have their own as well. A couple of friends have their own, etc. Probably have 20-25 groups in it with their own ringtone, and everything else goes to a default that I chose as well.

    What's more? The phone is small. I can fit it into small nooks and crannies out of the way, and it has proven durable too, because it has been dropped, scattered into many pieces, picked up, slapped back together, and is still working like it always has. Did I mention, I love this phone?

    Boss lady is in receipt of a notice that the network is upgrading towers. Problem is, when they do that, this old phone supposedly will no longer work, on the new system. This phone predates having cameras or any 2G, 3G, technology. Carrier says anything 2G or older will need to be upgraded to function. I'm extremely disappointed, because I like the polyphonic ring tones that I have set up.

    I also hate the costs of the new phones. I save the company money by keeping an old phone that the boss got for $40, 15 years ago. But, I guess that is her problem. I do however take the company serious and try not to spend money that isn't needed to be spent. After all, if the company makes money, I keep my job.

    So. All that said, Is there a "Smarter than me" phone that will let me chose separate ringtones for different people, or groups of people? Any get a good vote for dependability? The phone will not be used for text, or data, only as a phone/voice mail system. If I knew of one with a great reputation, I'd even look for one on ebay, as long as it was a newer design than 2G. But, I feel like I can't get by without those individual ringtones. I paid for them when I began using that phone, and hate that I will now lose them. Any of you tech types out there use those individual ringtones on your 3G or newer phone? Any of you aware of 3G or newer than allows individual ringtones? I've got a friend with an iPhone, and she says if they can do that, she hasn't figured it out yet.

    I DON'T WANT A NEW PHONE! Did I mention, I love the one I have? Thanks for any help.
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    Back in 2010 or so, I went from a smartphone to a flip phone. That experience was horrible as all the current flip phones were using Java for the operating system. The phone was slow, rebooted itself often, and sometimes wouldn't function at all.

    I have not kept current with flip phones for years, and I believe your options will be severely limited. Sorry I can't be of more help but did want to share my tales of woe of trying to stay with a non-smartphone.

    On the flip side, if you get a smartphone, you can get the Tapatalk app and keep up with GTT!

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    You are in luck with the ability to set individual ring tones for each person or group you set up. As for keeping your current ones, I am sure there is some software or person out there who might be able to transfer them but IDK.

    The iPHONE has the ability to set tones for each contact whether it call, text, or any other notification you can receive from them.
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    I so want to go back to a flip phone but I'd miss the good camera.
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    My company just "upgraded" my phone from a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to a Samsung Galaxy 5. I spent most of yesterday getting everything set back up.

    The S5 is bigger, but for business application, it is a better phone.

    I liked the S3 Mini. It was small enough to carry without issue.

    The S3 was my first "smart phone". I managed to carry it for over two years and didn't kill it (even though at times I wanted to).

    I like the Samsung phones. I have no experience with iPhones, but if I was shopping with my money, I'd stick with Samsung.

    Good luck in your search.

    I can appreciate wanting to keep your "relic".
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    Once you discover all the things you can do with a smartphone that is not available on a "flip" phone, you will never go back. I have had smartphones for years, starting with the old Palm phones. I am able to synchronize with my computer for emails, contacts, calendar, etc, so I am never out of touch. Navigation on the phone is a big plus. With a smartphone, you can have Tapatalk on it to keep up with GTT.

    I much prefer the Android phones, which are available in many brands, making for fierce competition among them. My personal preference is for HTC phones. I am now on my third one and it is two years old. I have several friends and relatives with HTC phones and they have all been good phones and easy to use.

    The cause of your problem is that the carriers do not want to have to continue to support old technology as it is costly to have multiple technologies out there at the same time.

    In order to help you with a phone selection, we really need to know your carrier/provider as not all of them have the same phones, plus certain phones only work with certain carriers, unless you go with an unlocked phone and I do not recommend that for you.

    What it the timetable they have given you.

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    FG: So you don't want a new phone, but you're being forced to get one. Would you consider a smartphone? Or would you like to keep to a flip phone? If you went with a smartphone, there are MANY FREE apps you can download that give you zillions of custom ringtones. I use "Zedge" on mine, love it. The problem with a flip phone is you will have to pay for your ringtones all over again likely. Also, with (I'd imagine) any smartphone, you can customize ringtones to individual people. Your best bet is to find someone who's patient and technologically savvy to help you make a good choice. My mother-in-law is a flip phone hold out too, no shame in it.
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    As an owner of a phone that is also Neanderthal, I'm following this thread closely. Made up my mind to go Android/Samsung G5 very soon. Liked the one my computer fixer has. I like the idea of "navigation" and Internet searches as I use buses and taxis often.

    MY problem is making sure I get the most bang from my "Plan Buck". Buy phone from Verizon, not, w/o plan vs. plan? Tech performance anxiety again...
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    What's the world coming to, we'll soon have a tech savvy smart farm girl. I'm an iPhone guy and I really like them. My wife really likes her Samsung Galaxy. You can easily set a ring tone for each person in an iPhone. I would assume you could with any other smart phone too. Get a good case such as otter box, it makes the phone a bit more bulky but much easier to hang on too. With the otter box case I've dropped it many times with no damage too the phone.

    Once you have one you'll find its so much more then just something to talk on. I use mine for photos, gps, texting, pay my bills, Apple Pay, check flights,alarm clock, tracks my steps, weather, garage door opener, voice notes. The list is endless it's like having a computer in your pocket. There are even 100's of apps for aviation, you can fly simulators, aircraft gps and nav, aeronautical charts. The iPhone has a built in assistant called Siri you can ask her to send texts, make calls or find pretty much anything. You can also say "flights above me" she will tell you what the flight and aircraft is flying over your head.

    Come on FG get with the times let the guys know when your set up on face book and Twitter. You'll be face booking and tweeting all day and GTT guys can follow the adventures of FG. You'll wonder how you ever managed to live without a smart phone.
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    More tech savvy people here than me . . I know what you want to do can easily be done with most current phones. I'm an iPhone person. My so Rich, works for Salem Hosp and does all their cell phones for doctors, nurses and staff, is a Samsung guy. Loves it.

    Wish you the best . . . . you've got lots of technology to catch-up on.
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