How to unblock blocked incoming emails?
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Thread: How to unblock blocked incoming emails?

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    How to unblock blocked incoming emails?

    I have three friends whose emails are constantly deleted. I go through the "blocked emails" and unblock them, but they go right back on the blocked sender's list. I have done some research, but so far nothing I have read is of any help. I have an old system, Windows XP, and am using Firefox, but so far my solution is to constantly check my "deleted" file. It works, but it's a PITA to have to do it this way. There has to be a better solution that someone out there has found. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Which email service are you using? gmail, yahoo, etc?
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    What EMAIL system are you using, Yahoo email or email than came with xp , or gmail.

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    Here are the things that are needed to know:

    - What provider are you using? Gmail, Yahoo!, Microsoft, private ISP, etc. ?

    - What email PROGRAM are you using? Microsoft Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS mail, Android mail, etc. ?

    - What devices are you accessing this from? Sometimes, having multiple devices configured to use the same mailbox causes changes to have to made at one certain place in order to persist.

    - What do you mean by "blocked emails", how do you unblock them, and what is this "blocked senders" list?

    - Do the people that are unable to send to you all have the same email domain (,, etc.)? What about other people that have that email domain? Can they send to you fine?

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