Replacement ignition module for "obsolete" 1980 Model L125H
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Thread: Replacement ignition module for "obsolete" 1980 Model L125H

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    Replacement ignition module for "obsolete" 1980 Model L125H

    Our venerable "old" skid steer is developing issues with the electronic ignition module. My local JD parts dealer told me that the module was obsoleted years ago. He called around/searched other dealers but none had the module available. My own searching of the web has not produced any fruit. I've found a couple of sites that show the illustration from the Parts Catalog but have been unable to locate a source to order a replacement.

    I know that an early 1980's piece of equipment is old, but it's been in the family since it was a baby and we've maintained it. Seems a shame to throw it over for a new model just because of something so simple as and electronic module.

    Any ideas for OEM suppliers or after market kits? Is it time to take the old boy out behind the barn and put it out of its misery?

    The Skid Steer is a 1980 model L125H.
    The JD part number for the electronic ignition module is: HMF400M00468

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    If I remember correctly they have a continental engine if it is a gas. I would check with STEINER or perhaps NAPA. If you could find the engine numbers you should be able to find something online. Clark forklift and probably others used continental engines as well. You might try a dealer for them as well.

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