2004 648 g3 skidder codes
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Thread: 2004 648 g3 skidder codes

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    2004 648 g3 skidder codes

    well i was just wondering if any of u guys knew any codes on the 648.these 2 codes come up f475 and f418. i think they have sumthing to do with the engine gettin hot im not sure if the thermostat is malfunctionin cause i got the stop sign 2day twice and had to let it sit there and idle to cool it back down i was wondering if anybody had info on those codes thanks.

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    The owners manual should have the codes, well some do anyhow in my findings, The tech/ service manuals do also I believe. I had the privilege to run the prototype "G-III" series and 04 648 G-III for almost 2 years wonderfully long frame, excellent power, very dependable, many logs skid. Minimal codes i got with that machine. There is even a code for clutch heat as I found out once.

    Check your coolant level? Could be low coolant and hot engine codes and, heat will also make the computer shoot a "fuel derate" error code....

    private message me...... Not to many operators of these fine beasts exist, I know of a few though.........
    Trees and deere just go together......

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