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    Good Morning

    Thread Starter: Gizmo2

    Good morning all... Just about done with my first cup of coffee what a busy day yesterday was. Amongst everything else going on getting ready for my...

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    What I Saw Today...

    Thread Starter: Kennyd

    This thread is for REAL pictures of things you've seen through your daily travels. Please no stupid outrageously obscure pictures you found on the...

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    What did you do with your SCUT Deere today?

    Thread Starter: starkeyb

    I find it amazing how these machines make you say, yay I have work to do. Ive been meaning to collect some firewood for a few months now. Got 'er...

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    Critter pics!

    Thread Starter: farmgirl19

    Well, I thought someone else was going to start this thread, but either he didn't, :nunu: or I didn't find it. :crazy: Here is my last bovine. I...

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    What did you conquer with your MCUT

    Thread Starter: Artillian

    So, there's a thread for the "too small" and one for "too big", so I thought maybe there could be a thread for Goldilocks' "just right" sized...

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    What did you do with your JD LCUT today!

    Thread Starter: robpm

    I know that there is a thread titled close to this on the SCUT section. So I thought that I would start one on the CUT section since that is what I...

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    Where did you stick your Z today?

    Thread Starter: arlen

    :hide: The wireless winch control was handy! I could drive the 997 while pulling with the winch

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    Dewalt Power Tool Review Thread

    Thread Starter: Gizmo2

    I decided to start a thread on DeWalt Power Tools cause it's hard to find information sifting through a bazillion threads/posts. Maybe we need/could...

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    Tractor Tim

    TTWT Kubota BX / Deere 1-Series Comparison

    Thread Starter: Tractor Tim

    We are attempting to create a complete and thorough comparison of the Kubota BX and Deere 1025R. Here is the first episode in that series. Of...

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    Cut the cable cord

    Thread Starter: jdforever

    As I posted in the good morning thread a couple days ago, I cut the cord after 35 years with Spectrum and their predecessors. I returned all the...

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    by Published on 11-20-2013 07:18 AM

    I am hoping to document my install of the LVB26207 independent valve and hose kit. The dealer installed the independent lift when I bought the tractor but I was unaware of this kit. It came in today and I hope to start the install this evening.

    One thing I need to verify, in the instructions it states if installing with a Power Beyond kit use line LVA18446 in place of LVA16955. Does any know if hose LVA18446 is part of another kit or just a standalone hose?

    Here is the kit fresh out of the box;

    See more at
    by Published on 05-28-2013 06:43 AM   
    Article Preview

    Post them up, I'll start:

    1989 316H2:

    1989 318:

    by Published on 06-20-2012 07:17 PM

    We would like to introduce the new GTT Tool Store. The link to the store is on the top navigation bar, just before the "whats new" button. This area is Green Tractor Talk's Amazon store front and we have stocked it with miscellaneous tools and accessories that you might need for working with your tractor, property or home. This section will not compete with vendors or carry the same items.

    We set this store up to give people the option to purchase items from Amazon and support Green Tractor Talk while doing it. The prices are the same here that they are on Amazon.

    This site has some of the best members on the web and is very helpful to all, and we would like to keep it this way. The tiny portion we make off this store will help cover our operating fees. We hope that you enjoy looking around, even if you do not buy anything. There are a lot of cool items with great prices to look at.

    We are open to suggestions for items to add to our store and can add a members favorites category if we have the participation to put that together.

    Thanks for your support!
    by Published on 06-16-2012 07:12 AM

    Please help me welcome Keeping It Green as a Supporting Vendor!

    Please contact Mike, user-name: KeepingItGreen for any help with products they supply. You can also visit their website at

    Keeping It Green is the premier online source for all Genuine John Deere Parts. They have a user-friendly site where common maintenance parts are categorized by model. A convenient link to John Deere's web catalogs makes ordering any part you may need a quick and easy task. Combining their great website with a dedicated and well experienced staff, quick shipping, large parts inventory and excellent pricing is why is known as the Premier online source for all John Deere parts.

    In addition to parts, you can also buy shop supplies, paint, oil, grease and other accessories.
    This is a great place to get your parts online

    Green Tractor Talk thanks you for the support.
    by Published on 05-19-2012 12:32 PM

    CAUTION: Disabling any feature that is intended as a safety device can subject the operator of the modified equipment and ...
    by Published on 05-31-2012 07:50 AM
    Article Preview

    Omni Manufacturing is sponsoring this months Giveaway with a I-match compatible Transformer Quick Hitch Platform.
    by Published on 05-17-2012 06:22 AM
    Article Preview

    It seems a few owners haven't gotten their new 1 series tractors equipped with either the 54 or 60D mower setup correctly. This will explain how to do it yourself for the best possible mower performance! Most if not all of this information can be found in the John Deere Owner's Manuals for the mower and the tractor. The procedure is the same for the 54" ...
    by Published on 04-19-2012 06:34 AM

    Ok, I am going to start this thread hoping others who own or use a 1026R will join me and add to it. Today I ran the middlebuster through the garden. I have a tiller, but cut the driveshaft down to run it behind the X728, and now it is a bit too short. I will replace it in the spring, so I put the buster on today. The soil was soft, but with 4WD engaged and steady forward motion, not a tire was spun. The buster measures about 18" from the tip, up to where it attaches to the Omni Mfg. Transformer hitch. Performance was stellar, the 1026R didn't even know the buster was back there! It was a windy day, so I held the camera, sorry the video isn't much, but it's better than nothing. Oh and I really like the turnbuckles on the outside of the lift arms, very easy to adjust. I also included a pic of the hitch with the 2" receiver on it. ...
    by Published on 04-18-2012 12:24 PM

    We would appreciate anyone who is on Facebook to visit our page and "like" us. I have it set so that any news posted to the site also gets posted on Facebook and that is all. We will not fill your page with all the posts from the site.

    Thank You for all your support as we continue to build the best John Deere Tractor forum on the web!
    by Published on 04-18-2012 12:29 PM

    For those with 2320's, here is a VERY important update for your manual. I have read about some failures in the drive-lines on these machines, appearently JD has recognized it as well.

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    Good Morning

    Did you get any? I believe it was about 4 it rained hard a solid 45 minutes at my house. Online rain gauge a few miles away said they got 1.75. Im sure

    Littlegreenmachine Today, 07:54 PM Go to last post
    Iron horse

    Looking for the best way to make a drag

    Now that is pretty field, I’ll take a picture of the rail road beam I was using how I have the chains welded. Pulling it straight could be my whole

    Iron horse Today, 07:53 PM Go to last post

    Starting fall prep on lawn

    i will be doing some pre fall preparations of my lawn. today i pulled my aerator around the yard for the first time this year. i will be doing it again

    tmiller091587 Today, 07:53 PM Go to last post

    3032e 50 hr service

    Not to derail this thread as it is specifically discussing the 3032E but... JD did the same thing with the 3025E that they did with the 1-series. For

    jgayman Today, 07:50 PM Go to last post

    TTWT Kubota BX / Deere 1-Series Comparison

    I didn't mean to disparage Neil. I know a guy that bought a tractor from him a couple of years ago. By all reports he's a great salesman, but he is also

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    John Deere 316 Steering Stiff??

    Yup, looks like it might be time to repair or replace some parts. Never removed a steering box, but I should be able to figure it out.

    CT77 Today, 07:46 PM Go to last post
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