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Thread: Senior momentss in the kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaDave View Post
    The wet sticky dough was supposed to proof over night for 12 hours. Then the baker slept in this morning.....15 hours later..

    Thought I had recovered and redeemed myself after cleaning up Mom's microwave oven.

    And then another senior moment struck and I forgot to steam bake the first loaf. No crispy hard crust there.

    In spite of all the failures even the pale looking one is good with the bacon corn chowder soup I made yesterday.
    And Mom has forgotten about the mess I made in her microwave this morning.

    I happen to be the one who cleans up our microwave 99% of the time; and the includes the rest of the kitchen. We have an agreement...when I cook, I clean up the kitchen. When she cooks, I clean up the kitchen. That doesn't keep me from being chastised when the microwave exhibits evidence that some tidbit was left uncovered or was inadequately covered such that remnants remain on the interior. Now no one is more cautious than I; and she forgets that we have three Grandsons that are known to use this appliance, and that she is not always as tidy as she would like me to think.

    Got my revenge last week; we had prepared some snacks for the Lodge, including a cheese sauce which she had put in a glass container/dispenser designed for liquids. The remains were beginning to dry out a bit by the time we got the thing home, and she decided that if she put it in the microwave, she could just pour most of it out and it would be easier to clean. So....she put it in the microwave WITHOUT A COVER. The thing burped big time, covering the inside of the microwave nicely with cheese. She mumbled something unintelligible; I just smiled and tried to look superior. Yeah, I stepped in and cleaned it up, but grinning all the time. She hid in the bathroom for about 15 minutes, and hasn't mention the word "microwave" for a week or so.
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    Sorta long the same line....

    Wife has some organic weed killer...vinegar and soap. Apparently she keeps it in the pantry in a vinegar jug... unmarked. I made a cucumber and tomato salad and vinegar is one of the ingredients. Couldn't figure out why the salad had a soapy taste....

    A few weeks later she's making cookies. Grabs some brown sugar in a big zip lock and bakes away. Cookies are really salty. Guess she didn't see the kosher salt mixed in that bag of brown sugar I use for my salmon brine when I smoke my fish. Revenge can be oh so sweet...and salty.

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