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Thread: BBQ and beer

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    Quote Originally Posted by goat704! View Post
    I'm already up here in the frozen tundra. I don't know what I actually like better, beer or bacon. I should come to your place and try to decide.

    You should come but if I was you I would wait until the beer is ready....but that's your call
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    Quote Originally Posted by orono View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jjm1893 View Post
    Detail the smoking process, please
    I will start by saying I am not an expert but I will give you what my process was for the 2 foods in this thread.

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends:
    1. I started with 8 lbs of fresh pork belly cubed into pieces about 1"-1.5"
    2. I put Smokin' Brothers Plus The Kitchen Sink rub on all the sides of every piece. Be generous with the rub
    3. Then placed the pieces on grates (for easier transporting to smoker). Make sure to leave space around each piece so that all pieces can get even smoke
    4. I started my smoker with (Cherry wood) and set it to 265 degrees
    5. Once smoker is at 265 degrees place the grates on the smoker for about 2 - 2.5 hrs (color will determine length of time)
    6. After your color has been achieved, remove grate(s) with burnt ends from smoker and place each burnt end into an aluminum pan. The pieces will continue to darken in the next step, too
    7. Sprinkle the burnt ends with 1/2 cup (+/-) of brown sugar and drizzle with honey
    8. Then add about 1.5 sticks of sliced butter on top of the brown sugar and honey before covering the pan with aluminum foil
    9. Put back on smoker for about 1.5 hrs
    10. Remove from smoker and transfer the burnt ends to another aluminum pan. Add a glaze of your choosing, stir the burnt ends to make sure all are covered in the glaze and put back on the smoker (uncovered) to carmalize. I do about 10-15 minutes depending on what my glaze is

    Bacon: This is for Maple Flavored bacon - the flavor in the picture referenced above
    1. I stared with about 3 lbs of fresh pork belly
    2. I made a liquid brine of kosher salt, black pepper, dark brown sugar, Canadian Maple Syrup, distilled water and Prague Powder #1
    3. Mixed all above ingredients in a large measuring cup (for ease of pouring - coming up soon)
    4. Placed the pork belly in a large ziplock bag and poured the brine into the bag
    5. Placed the bag (pork belly and brine) in a cake pan (in case of leakage). The pork belly will give off liquids during this time, too
    6. Flipped the bag over 1X per day for 5 days
    7. After 5 days, I washed off the pork belly and put it on the smoker
    8. Set smoker (I used Maple wood) to 225 degrees
    9. Cook until internal temp is about 150 degrees
    10. Remove from smoker and place into a fridge or freezer for about 30-45 minutes (being cold will ease with slicing)

    I have bought both fresh and frozen pork bellies. Either one will make great tasting food.

    Maybe this is what you were requesting. Maybe not. If it is not, please let me know your specific questions and I can answer them about my process.
    Sounds great! Thanks. A friend from WV offered me a fresh pork belly to smoke for making bacon but forgot to load in his truck before driving to my place last week. So, I did not get a chance to mess it up. If he brings it on the next trip I hope to try your method
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