Venison Story
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Thread: Venison Story

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    Venison Story

    While I was moving some equipment with my brother-in-law, we turned down this road and saw this large injured buck hobbling and flailing on the road. We pulled over, and determined it had been hit in the rear quarter. It's rear end was mangled and leg was snapped at multiple points. I thought about getting the gun from the truck, but decided to I call the sheriff. Once he arrived he put it down, and suprisingly asked if I wanted it. If not, he was gonna start his call list, which is standard practice around here, so I accepted it.

    Now my wife and brother-in-law are from the suburbs and not really exposed to too much rural life. There aren't against it, just not exposed. So I came home with a 14 point buck in the back of the truck, and was immediately asked by my wife "what are you going to do with THAT!". I told her we were gonna eat it, lol. She was less than impressed. In short, I field-dressed it (with caution - due to its injuries) and brought it to a friends house who is an avid hunter who keeps his processing equipment "in ready" position at all times. A couple days later, 13 one gallon freezer bags nearly full of various cuts.

    We now have venison about every couple weeks, and at times, I often hear my wife oddly proudly re-telling the story at times, which makes me chuckle.

    As for how we cook it so far.

    Red Curry Venison and Lentil soup
    Sloppy Deer Joes
    Green Chili, Cheese, and Venison burritos/enchiladas/tacos
    Chipotle and grape Venny Meatballs
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    Venison chili is my all-time favorite.
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    Venison chops (outer loin) butterflied with mushroom, butter and perhaps onions will rival any fillet out there. The burger can be used in place of ground beef for spaghetti, tacos, meatloaf, etc-but is a bit lean to make burgers with.

    A good portion of my family’s red meat diet is venison, has been since my daughter was born a few years ago and-it’s much lower in all the bad fats, cholesterol etc and is overall a great alternative to beef.

    You did the correct thing there, from calling the sheriff to processing the animal quickly in the warmth-I hope you enjoy the venison and your wife and other family learn to enjoy it as well.
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    Deer chili is the best.
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    Steak Diane.





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