Simple, easy cheesecake
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Thread: Simple, easy cheesecake

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    Simple, easy cheesecake

    Super simple, no cooking required cheesecake, the result of watching those food TV shows on PBS and wanting to experiment. A pretty good dessert that requires no more than a mixer and a refrigerator. You could even do it without a mixer if you really wanted to. So easy, even I managed to do it.


    16 oz cream cheese
    9" pie crust
    1 lemon
    14 oz sweetened condensed milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    2 tablespoons sugar

    If you want to be fancy, you can make your own crust from crushed up graham crackers, I bought a premade one. Comes with the tin and everything.

    To start, let the cream cheese come up to room temperature. It doesn't have to be, but the closer it is the easier it will be to mix. Combine the cream cheese and sugar in the mixing bowl, mix until it's smooth. Add the condensed milk and vanilla, mix it again until it's smooth and consistent. Add the lemon juice, save the peel. If you don't have one of those juicers you smash the lemon down on, you can cut it in half and squeeze the juice out. Tip: If squeezing the juice out by hand, don't do it over the mixing bowl with the mixer running. No matter how careful you are, the odds of getting lemon seeds into the mix is very high, and the odds of ever finding them and getting them back out are very low. Squeeze it into a measuring cup or something, fish the seeds out and then pour it into the batter. Or turn the mixer off and juice it into the bowl, either one. Expect to fish seeds out, but hopefully they'll sit on top of the batter and be easy to get.

    Once everything is mixed and smooth, pour it into the pie crust and level it out. Take a zester (or cheese grater) and zest (grind) some of the lemon peel on top of the pie filling. Looks fancy, and makes more of a flavor difference than I had thought it would. Place it in the fridge for about three hours to solidify.

    Simple, easy, and pretty good.

    Your mileage may vary.

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    That one needs to be in the GTT Cookbook!
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    What's better than cheesecake .......................nothin.
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    Gonna try that, sounds easy and good. Thanks for sharing that with us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
    What's better than cheesecake .......................nothin.
    Answer: Sex...and it won't rot your teeth.
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