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Thread: GTT forum posting problems

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    GTT forum posting problems

    This site has really gone to the dogs last night and this morning. I have liked quit a few posts and when revisiting the thread, the posts are no longer liked. I would relike them only to find out it unliked them again. Also, I have posted on a number of threads, only to find out that they aren't there, even though the thread shows me as the last poster. Another oddity, I tried on numerous occasions to read the last page of several different threads, but it would allow me. Let's say there was 500 pages, it would only go to page 498.

    The site has also been slower than a seven year itch.

    Whaaaats up with that!
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    yeah the good morning thread was messed up like that. it must be getting filled up again so i went to bed and forgot about it, seems ok this morning now
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    Problems logging in

    Having trouble logging in. For some time now, the home site won't let me log in, so I have been having to click on the "members" page, and it will present a log-in sheet. That worked well for awhile, but now when I log in, it says that I posted incorrectly. It took me awhile, but discovered that if I "refresh" the incorrect log in message, it logs me in. Now I'm no computer tech, but besides being a bit laborious, this suggests that something is not right somewhere. I even got a message from the administrators that someone had tried to log in and failed, and sent me a copy of the IP address, which turned out to be mine.
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    This has been a known issue for quite some time. There’s a much bigger thread concerning this right here in the forum help section.

    I’m closing this thread since it’s essentially the same thing.
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