What do you do with your Gator?
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Thread: What do you do with your Gator?

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    What do you do with your Gator?

    I've had the itch - trying to justify a Gator to myself. I can afford one with payments (Deere Financial) but despise having payments after a lifetime of them.

    I've never bought anything as a "toy" - besides houses and vehicles, it's only been tractors and mowers that paid for themselves with my little side business over the years. I would purchase something like this only as an aid to keep up with my property.

    I (and my wife) are pretty much crippled up. We can walk but not far. Have a hard time with a chainsaw and weed trimmer also for example. Use of any hand tools is out. So I am trying to envision how a Gator can help us.

    My short list -

    Getting the mail - driveway is ~800' long with a pretty good hill.
    Multiple trips to the barn ~100 yards away where my shop and tools are.
    Beong able to see/check on my property. I only have 6 acres but my house and barn are at one end. Only on the good days can I make that walk.

    That's about all I can come up with. I just am having a hard time justifying a $10k++ purchase for just that.

    I do have a 2520 with forks which is a huge help with everything around here but it is not the easiest thing to get on and off for me, and it's just kind of noisy.

    So what am I missing? What else could I use a Gator for? Maybe I would consider one if I can find more uses for it. I have talked myself into it and out of it a dozen times over the past couple weeks. One thing that is making me think about it again - the manager salesman from our long ago closed up Deere dealership stopped by this week. While talking about this he said that for me getting a gator would be akin to when I upgraded from my 332 to my 2520. Now that made me think because I would never be able to keep living here without the aid of my tractor.
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    If it makes your life eaiser it's a no brainer. I have a kawasaki mule and use it constantly. Just to ride around the property and inspect. Eaiser than climbing up on the tractor. Mine is a four seater and the grandkids love riding with me. with my bad legs no way could i walk my property. It's nice to have wife ride with me and it saves trips working in the yard. I am a 62 year old BIG man with bad legs and i can't think of not having it. One thing you can possibly find a nice used one. Good luck Also it would be great for taking Jake for a good run around the property.
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    I don't have a Gator, but I do have a Polaris Ranger. It is one of the small 2011 Ranger 500 EFI ones. My wife loves it. She uses it to get all over the property, I have used it to pull the mower out of the mud, pull my utility trailer and haul junk around. Our neighbor has a Mule and he goes all over in it. He wasn't in the best of health so he did a lot of stuff from the seat of his Mule. He would go up and down the road and burn the leaves out of the ditch with a propane torch thing he had. We use ours to haul tools from the shop out to the far end of the property, only got 4 acres, but it is a long way from one end to the other when your carrying tools. We haul dirt in the bed and just back up and dump it. Since we got it I don't think we could get along without it.

    Look for a good used one and you won't regret it. Of that I'm sure.
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    Have you considered a golf cart? You can get them with 2 seats and a dump bed, 4 seats, or there are other configurations. You can get gas or electric engine.

    I too would love to have a Gator, but it is way too much $$ for me right now. I picked up my '82 Yamaha golf cart for $600 2 years ago, and I use it all the time.

    Check craigslist in your area, or there are probably local used golf cart dealers. You can get a pretty good one for $2500, and a great one for under $5k.
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    I have a 2005 HPX so I may be starting a new can't get a new gator thread

    The golf cart is a great idea as a lot of the guys here have them. They do ride good but any mud and your stuck.

    I would not be without 4x4 not so much for mud as for snow. Well maybe for mud too. The only weakness of the gator over other brands is power steering is only available on a couple models. Today though there are companies who make after market ones that work well. The power dump bed is a must.

    Since getting it I tell people if I had it to do over it might be a tough decision on what I would get first a mower or a gator. Both get similar hours on them each year. What do we use it for.
    Getting mail, hauling leaves,dirt, mulch, tools and supplies to what we are working on. Pulling a lawn roller, tooth drag, fertilizer spreader or other things where it is more comfortable than a tractor. Plus for fertilizer I can just load the bags in the back and refill as needed. For mulch, dump it in the driveway load it in the gator with the bobcat and drive where you want it and dump. With two people we can move 20 yards in maybe an hour.

    My wife prefers it over the tractor because it is very much like driving a car. It gets into areas easier than a garden tractor with a lawn cart.

    When my wife does flower beds, dirt goes in one side of the box, flowers in the other. For hanging baskets or pots she can put them together in the back where ever she wants and easily dump any spoils in another area.

    It was always easier to get the boys when they were young to get things done, kind of like a four wheeler that came with work and it was safer for them to run.

    Let's see, use to move things around the yard when it is to soft for the truck. Haul the generator and tools to somewhere out back where cordless won't do. Pick up sticks, use for saw horse for cutting boards, haul vegetable, pumpkins & hay bales. Wash pumpkins or vegetables in the back of it, up high contained and easy to do. Run something over to the neighbors. It's a long list.

    A lot of dealers rent these to events each year and sell them as demos with a full warranty. This can save quite a bit of money. With the work tractors do there is things you need to fix here and there. These have an easier life like if you just drove your tractor around it would never break. Besides normal maintenance in 12 years (crap my new gator is 12 years old) the only thing I can remember fixing is a new fuel pump and a solenoid for the dump bed.

    Now that I think of it I might need 2.
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    Here's what this guy does with his gator...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_7314.JPG  
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    Don't have a Gator but similar type vehicle, mine is a Brister Trail Wagon from TSC.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Brister.jpg 
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ID:	359778

    I use it for carrying tools when working on something away from the house, otherwise was constantly walking back and forth to get something.

    Use it to take the trash down to the road for pickup.

    Sometimes throw the small generator in it and use the ac polesaw for extended trimming away from the house, without the need for batteries or long extension cords.

    Use it to carry all the garden tools when working in the garden.

    Throw the sprayer in the back and use it to spray fences, just drive along and spray by holding the wand in my hand.

    And sometimes use it just for fun. When we had our dog Missie she loved it, and would be the first one in it if she thought it was going to move. Getting our new puppy interested in it but I have to help him in, he's too small to do it on his own yet.
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    Had a Gator s4 550 now have 4 seater Honda Pioneer. Like others carry tools or supplies to the garden or wherever I'm working, . Easier and faster than walking. Wife uses it to carry items to or from the garden ,to go down to her parents. Make trips to the church to work on a project and of course taking rides within a 25 mile radius of the house.

    Someone mentioned a used SXS. (side by side) , a neighbor went to the bank the other day to get a loan for a new SXS. They would not finance told him they had a lot of prepossessed machines. Seems the young kids buy them and after a few months the fad goods away and they let the bank take it back.

    So maybe check the banks or dealer and see if they any may find a bargain.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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    I do not have a Gator either. I do have a 2003 EZ-GO 1200 golf cart dump bed with ATV knobby tires. I have not had any problems going anyplace I want to go on the farm. I have server steep hills and a creek to cross and still have never been stuck. I has a 350 gas Robin engine in it. I did put a 1" shorter drive belt on it, which allows it to climb hills much better. I love it, I use it all the time to haul tools, dirt, clean up brush and of course the dogs around. I paid $2000 for it at an auction three years ago. It was once a golf course UTV.
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    I started out with a new Kawasaki 550 Mule, used it for 14 years before selling it & buying a used traditional "TS" Gator: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HPIM1211.JPG 
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Size:	1.06 MB 
ID:	359850

    We use it for yard work, hauling mulch, water tank, spraying, tools, have used it to fertilize with a Herd seeder. Have a lid for the box that we use when we go to a flea market: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HPIM1764.JPG 
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Size:	999.4 KB 
ID:	359866

    We bought the Gator off CL from a guy that makes a sideline business of selling used Gators, this one actually had a few more hours than the Mule had, but didn't even have the paint worn off the skid plates. Gave $4000 for it four years ago, then another $600 (if I remember right) for the bed lift kit. I needed the bigger size, but the smaller CS/CX size would be fine for lighter yard work!

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