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Thread: transport Gator TX

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    transport Gator TX

    Looking thru the owner manual for Gator TX, it says to back the TX onto the trailer when transporting. Seems to me that at road speed , the wind
    could get under the dash , (no cab) and push the hood off. That's why I always transported mine facing forward. Anyone know why Deere recommends hauling with Gator backed on trailer?
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    No idea. Maybe they over produced extra hoods?

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    I was talking with BigJim yesterday and this subject came up. He said his manual states to back the Gator on the trailer also.

    Just saw this in my manual...

    Hauling the Machine NOTE: Space limitations can vary from one truck manufacturer to another. Short bed trucks do not have the necessary length requirement to accommodate the machine.

    1. Back machine onto the trailer or truck.
    2. Leave transaxle shift lever in Forward or Reverse gear.
    3. Park the machine safely. (See Parking Safely in SAFETY.)
    4. Fasten machine to trailer or truck with straps, chains, or cables.
    5. Equip the trailer or truck with all the necessary lights and signs required by local, state, provincial, or federal laws.
    6. Remove or secure optional attachments, if equipped.
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    Looking at the specs, it looks like the weight bias may be like 35% front, 65% rear. Backing the machine on the trailer may make it easier to achieve optimum tongue weight.

    They should be more specific in their suggestion, maybe indicating the heavy weight bias on the rear. But, as in most cases, you individual situation may not be the same as theirs, so always load your trailer in a manner than gives you the proper tongue weight and overall weight distribution.

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    Aerodynamic lift can be an issue when trailering garden tractors so I ALWAYS tied the hoods down whether loaded forward or backed on. I only trailered my Gator once (when I brought it home) and it had a cab and was not a model where the hood would raise anyway...


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    Quote Originally Posted by rw580 View Post
    Looking at the specs, it looks like the weight bias may be like 35% front, 65% rear. Backing the machine on the trailer may make it easier to achieve optimum tongue weight...
    That's my opinion, too.
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    This was brought up several years ago on another forum. One of their members sent Deere Corporate the question and Deere's response was that they recommend loading it on a trailer facing backwards because, according to them, it's safer to load and unload that way.

    Trailering your gator [Archive] - John Deere Gator Forum

    The Deere response is listed in the 14th comment in that tread and was posted by "CaptDan".
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    From my perspective I would rather replace the rear window( from possible flying debris when trailering) than the front windshield on my 825i with a deluxe cab.

    This is why I back my gator onto the trailer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhill View Post
    From my perspective I would rather replace the rear window( from possible flying debris when trailering) than the front windshield on my 825i with a deluxe cab.

    This is why I back my gator onto the trailer.
    Opposite here I have the poly windshield and glass back window. I transported mine facing forward as I would think the slant of the front windshields would work better than the flat back. Have never transported very far or at highway speeds so might be wrong. The front lip of the poly roof might catch wind also and lift it up also.
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    Thanks Bob
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    I have a Can Am Commander and it would be a sin to transport it backwards. Any type of accessory such as a roof or windshield are at real risk of blowing off at speed. Its pretty common in the side by side world to not transport backwards. Having said that, the windshield on the Gator looks more rigid than most aftermarket stuff I have seen. I would still personally not transport backwards unless the weight distribution is giving you little to no tongue weight.
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