CX Suspension?
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Thread: CX Suspension?

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    CX Suspension?

    I noticed today that my new-to-me CX Gator with only about 145 hours on it is sagging a bit on the front driver side while parked on a level surface. I know the shocks are adjustable & will check that each pair, front & back, respectively are set to the same number of clicks. Beyond that, any suggestions what to check? Is it possible there’s worn suspension component(s) that could cause this, even with such low hours? If I lift up on the driver side of the brush guard I can make it nearly level.

    I’m going on the assumption that the previous two owners mostly rode solo which somehow lead to the premature list to port.
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    I would suspect the shock/spring combo is wore out.

    Did the CX have shocks/springs front and back?
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    Are the tires identical side to side? Air pressure equalized? Otherwise ride height variance is likely isolated to the strut-spring assemblies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superglidesport View Post
    Are the tires identical side to side? Air pressure equalized? Otherwise ride height variance is likely isolated to the strut-spring assemblies.
    My thought too, start with the tires. Check wear and psi. Maybe even swap them around (rotate)
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