UTV Purchase - Tough Choices!
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Thread: UTV Purchase - Tough Choices!

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    UTV Purchase - Tough Choices!

    I purchased a 850D Gator in 2007 and quickly realized it was one of the handiest "tools" I've ever owned. I had to swallow hard writing the check for what seemed to be a giant toy but it's made property upkeep so much easier.

    We've decided to keep the Gator at the old family farm (56 acres) in Pennsylvania and buy a UTV for our new home in Ohio. It will be used for chores and occasional fun rides for the grandkids. At first, I wanted to save money with a used one but I'm discovering the pickings are slim. Nice used UTVs aren't much less than new prices and less expensive units are beat to death. So, we've decided to look at new models and having power steering is a very appealing feature.

    I've narrowed the list down to the following:
    1) Gator 850i - LD has a leftover 2014 Midnight Black Special Edition with PS that he's offered with a good discount. I'm not enthusiastic about flat black everywhere but it's equipped with lots of very nice features.
    2) Kawasaki 4010 Mule - about $4k less than the Gator but it's a pure "work" vehicle without many features aside from PS. I'd have to spend a little more for a spray in bed liner which is standard with the Gator.

    I haven't excluded the Kubota RTV or Polaris Ranger just yet but I think the Kubota is a more expensive heavy duty work machine and the Polaris is a more expensive off-road fun machine (perhaps comparable to the Gator 850i).

    My other concern with the Kawasaki and Polaris are the dealer mega-stores selling ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, etc. I'd have more confidence in service and support from Deere or Kubota. Given the amount of money I've spent on Deere, I'd like to think my Pennsylvania and Ohio dealers will do more to make sure I'm happy.

    I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts....very tough choices when trying to balance costs with advantages / disadvantages!
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    We are going through a similar debate except we want a crew model to replace our Gator TH 6x4. I think we have decided on the Ranger Crew as it is cheaper than the Deere, has more power and a larger box with electric lift. Our's won't get beat on so the Ranger is perfect for us.

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    Boy I wish I had your problem rod330.
    I would love to have a new Gator 850i. Our CX 4x2 Gator has been a joy to have.
    Good luck
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    I have a 1996 Kawasaki Mule, 2510 4x4 gas. I bought it before JD saw fit to make a true 4x4 (the 6x4 does NOT count). Only color was red back then too. (I wanted green)

    Other than hour meter quitting and one park brake cable sizing up it has been trouble free. So I would not worry about service.

    It's not fast, It's not soft riding. It's kind of ugly blocky looking (my 1996). I have not seen a need for power steering. Front wheel wells take a lot of room (pedals are too far the right ) You have to lift the seat to see the fuel gauge ( I run it out of fuel all the time). Those are the only complaints.
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    I realize that it isn't your preferred solution but, give a look at what any local Bass Pro Shop might have available. They seem to always have a couple on hand that are 2 or 3 model years back that have been sitting on their showroom floors with 0 miles/hours on them. My local BassPro has a 2012 Arctic Cat 700 Super Duty Diesel ATV (not a UTV but...) for a couple grand off of the original price as well as several 2014 gas models. Ya never know. If the price is right...
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    Polaris discount

    I don't know if it applies in your case but Farm Bureau members in most states can get a discount on selected Polaris vehicles. It's a manufacturer's discount so the dealers are happy to work with it. You print a certificate using your membership, make a deal with the dealer and then before signing anything give him the certificate so you know it's coming off your best deal.

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    i would go with the gator. it has been i tried and true machine for you, so stay with it, imo. stay away from 'laris. bad trannys, touchy acceleration and bad 4wd. also, stay away from yamaha. the old rhino 450/660 are very good, never had any of the issues ive had with the new rhino 700.
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    I remember when we used to sell these. Well..............ok, we had them around. We sold maybe a few. I remember having one for the local parades and shows.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also looked at Polaris as I have Polaris quads, but it was hard not to buy Deere. I have had an 825i for 2 years at the end of this month. Never regretted it. Know what you mean, big check to write. It has done all I've asked and more,and is very handy. Amazes me what it can go threw. Bought mine with roof,windshield, electric dump, winch, front and side protection. Rides smooth and plenty fast enough for work or play. I have added cab doors and back window, snowplow and LED lights.
    Just my 2'cents
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    Thanks Bob
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    Two months ago when we were talking of getting rid of the x550 4 seater . Looked real hard at Honda and Polaris 4 seaters. For our use the Honda was going to win hands down. If Deere hadn't fixed what should have been fixed 3 yrs ago a Honda would be seating in the building.
    According to the Honda ,Polaris dealer he had fewer repairs and complaints with the Honda compared to the Polaris.
    I liked the fact the Honda has a 3 speed transmission compared to a cvt transmission.

    Price wise the Honda had Gator, and Polaris beat, has a much shorter wheelbase making it easier to get through the woods or for parking in your building.
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    Have fun and be safe !!!
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