Gator hpx questions
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Thread: Gator hpx questions

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    Gator hpx questions

    I found a used 2007 hpx for sale and I know little about them it has 200 hrs on it seems low I'm finding little info looking for reviews

    I see some of them have roll bars some don't

    I'm also reading about a 25 mph top speed

    Just wondering if anyone here can give me a little first hand experience

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    I'm far from an expert, but I've owned a 2007 HPX for a couple of years. It has a roll cage,4x4, diff lock and power dump. Mine's a little cold blooded. I normally have to choke it for about 30 secs before it runs good. I regularly mound dirt in the box and have never not been able to dump it. I've never been stuck in the mud, I've always been able to get out. I have stuck it in a few snowdrifts. It's has a lower center for deep snow. It normally will bust through drifts with enough speed.

    The only thing I found I don't like is the 2 steel rods to close and lock the end gate. The rods are finger pinchers and come unhooked when the gate is down with no weight on it.
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