Bundy Hill off road park.
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Thread: Bundy Hill off road park.

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    Bundy Hill off road park.

    Thought some of you might like this. This is the gravel pit I use to work at about 2 miles up the road from me. They are still selling product but on a much smaller bases than they use to. When the owner's daughter and son in-law suggested making the off road park a few years ago, he told them he had spent many years trying to keep the 4x4 and ATVs out but he agreed as long as they handled it.

    Now every Saturday morning US12 is lined up with any and all types of 4x4, mud buggy's, quads and any thing else you can think of going in to the park. Then as the sun starts to set they are towed, dragged or carried out
    This video is one of many on you tube and seemed tame enough to share. In this video they say the park in Moscow MI, but it is in Jerome MI, the two towns are side by side.

    Hope you enjoy the video and if anyone ever goes to Bundy Hill let me know so we can meet for


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    Nice video. Thanks for sharing!
    Mowin' till it's Snowin'!


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