trail gator flooding cant get spark
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Thread: trail gator flooding cant get spark

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    trail gator flooding cant get spark

    i have recently been repairing a john deere trail gator that was sitting for about 4 years and i have so far replaced fuel lines fuel pump and the air filter fuel filter and spark plug but the carb keep drowning the spark plug and i dont know what to do about.

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    Is the float working as it should?


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    You might look for trash in the seat in the float bowl.... since it was setting for so long, the gas went to varnish and either the needle is corroded and not fully seating or the seat is gummed up...or both.
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    Like the others have said, your carb probably needs to be disassembled and cleaned. I would expect the needle to be stuck and some jets to be clogged after sitting so long. I expect that to be the problem.

    One other thing to note- where did you buy your fuel pump? If it's a specific replacement for the Gator, disregard the following. However, if it's an off the shelf 12 volt pump from an auto parts store it may be too large for the Gator. Seen this on tractors a few times. Even the 5-6 GPM "Carburetor approved" pumps at the parts house often flow way too much for small carbs and overpower them. The machine usually won't run well at an idle in that case. You can replace the aftermarket pump with a model specific replacement, or if that is unavailable you can get a flow regulator for the aftermarket pump.

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