John deere insurance question for my1025r
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Thread: John deere insurance question for my1025r

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    John deere insurance question for my1025r

    I just received a notice from JD about getting a four year extention on the warranty. 1200 I think but is this a good deal?

    Also I have the 5yr zero int but I thought this also included insureance is this the same thing or ?

    I am a first time owner so not sure which way to go and hope no on gets offended or think I am wasting their time asking

    Thank you

    2017 1025R with turf tires
    H120 FEL with 53" Bucket Quick Change
    54" Autoconnect Mower, mulch kit and hyd mower lift
    54" Quick-Hitch Two Stage Snow Blower Hyd Rotator with Remote Spout Cap kit
    Ballast box with tubes
    Engine blanket
    LED lights
    Ken's Bolt on Hooks and rear hitch
    Country Time/Tarter 48" Tiller
    Titan carriage & 42" forks

    PS Everyone knows what a 1025R looks like so my Avatar is a picture of my two girls!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFRet View Post
    Also I have the 5yr zero int but I thought this also included insureance is this the same thing or ?

    The insurance you bought when you financed the machine is a loss policy. It covers things like if it is stolen, catches fire, etc.. It's really to protect JD Financial. If someone stole your tractor and you still owed 4 years worth of payments, would you still pay it off? (You might. But a lot of people wouldn't!)

    But that policy won't cover repairs. So if the engine dies while you're out driving down your driveway, that policy won't cover the cost of getting that fixed.
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    D160 Mower/Bagger.
    2014 2032R tractor/H130 FEL w/Bolt-On Hooks/54" Snow Plow/iMatch Quick-Hitch/County Line 5' Scraper blade/County Line Carry-All/Artillian 42" Forks & QH Adapter/JD Ballast Box/Frontier SB1164 3PH Blower/Leinbach PHD/Wallenstien BX42 Chipper

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    The extension is for the warranty. I’d take a hard look at what it covers that the remaining power train warranty doesn’t. For example, it probably doesn’t cover accessories that you might not think are accessories, such as a loader, backhoe, mower deck or add-ons such as an engine heater. Probably not wear items such as batteries, coolant, belts, tires, either. I took a hard look at one of those offers and concluded that it didn’t cover enough to justify its cost, but you might reach a different conclusion, or have a different offer than I had. My point is make sure that you read the fine print.

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    2016 1025R FITLB : OTC (winter only) : AF10F front blade : Titan 42" forks : 60" First Choice RFM : KK 48" Tiller : EA 60" Pine Straw Rake : 60" Landscape Rake : Pat's Hooks : HH w/ 12 42# weights : KK Ripper/Potato Plow : Loaded Rears with 50# weights : Ken's Hooks, springs and straps : HH Tooth Bar : Edge Tamers : BXPanded 6" bucket w/coupler
    2014 X320 : Johnny Plow/Johnny Bucket : Bagger

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    When I purchased my 1025r fel mmm, it was from a newly acquired / franchises dealer in the area. Like automotive warranties there is a COST price & an MSRP price for the extended coverage. Seeing how they were new & I purchased in the first month of such they had a special on the extended coverage a little over 500 or so... I figured "my 0% payment are stretched at 60 months the warranty should be too for the price of 1.5 the monthly payment". Cheap insurance given a short block for these are in excess of a few thousand dollars. Just my .02 cents

    P.s. "explain the insurance for financing" when I purchased my tractor I had to show proof the tractor was covered under my homeowners but was not required to purchase extra.
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