Clean that Quick Hitch of snow & ice before use!
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Thread: Clean that Quick Hitch of snow & ice before use!

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    Clean that Quick Hitch of snow & ice before use!

    I learned a hard lesson about 2 weeks ago so thought I would pass along so others could take action if needed to prevent what happened to me.

    For years to prepare for snow removal I have plugged in my block heater, checked my fluids and hopped on the seat to take care of the snow. As Murphy would have it the nite before we take off for Florida I was in a bit of a hurry and I did just those steps to go out and clean out the yard one last time before heading South for a week. About 10 minutes into the job I noticed hydraulic fluid spraying out on the left side of the front blade. Turns out when I used the angle option on the front blade the front hydraulic fitting must have got caught on a chunk of ice and the ice won the battle. I had plowed the 2 previous nites so had lots of snow in the quick hitch which had turned into ice after it sat for a day. I've owned a JD Tractor for 30+ years now with the front blade quick hitch setup and have never worried about cleaning out the quick hitch of snow and ice and nothing has ever happened. I won't do that anymore. Part of my startup from here on out will be to clean out the quick hitch of snow & ice.

    Given the scramble I was in before leaving I called the dealer to see if they had one so I could repair before I left for warmer temps. I was specific in telling them it was for the angle cylinder. They sadly didn't have one and ordered one for me instead so I would have it when I returned. Unfortunately, they ordered the fitting & o-rings for the up/down cylinder (38H1003, R28782, T77814). When I went to put it on this weekend it was clear they sent me down a rabbit hole.

    This week-end, once I realized I had the wrong part, I did my own research and found that the Quick Hitch has an optional Angling kit. I always assumed the quick hitch came with the angle h/w. The dealer must have thought both cylinders used the same parts. Turns out that is not the case. Once I found the Angling Kit Parts List for the 1026R Quick Hitch (ST756497) I was able to see that the p/n I really needed was (AA36342).

    Picked up the new part tonite and appears to be the correct part. I'll put it on when I need the blade next or when its warmer. Fortunately, when we got dumped on with 18-20" this weekend, I was able to use my blower with full functionality as it doesn't use the angle cylinder. Worked out well as the only time I usually use the blower is for major dumpings which was this weekend. We have a gravel driveway so my primary means for snow removal is my blade.

    Bottom line - Clean that quick hitch of Ice & Snow especially if you have the angle cylinder kit.

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    Lawn sweeper (left over from 420)
    Dump Cart (left over from 420)
    Loaded Turf Tires with Wheel Weights & Chains
    Most important item - Tech Manual
    Previously, 26yr owner of JD 420 w/mowing deck, & blade
    Tech Manual for 420

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    Thanks for the reminder to the GTT prowlers that use a quick hitch.

    Yes, as you found out, the QH does not come with the angling cylinder, as it's not needed for someone only using it for a blower or broom.
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    This happened to me too. Luckily, my dealer had several of the correct fittings so I bought two.
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    joe white

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    Just a thought, but cleaning the snow and ice from the quick hitch would probably be easier as part of your shutdown, before it becomes one solid block of ice and snow. Then revise your startup procedure to "Verify no ice and snow buildup on the Quick Hitch". Same procedure should apply to snow blowers as well. Get the snow out of there at the end of the job before it freezes into a solid block.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    I think it would be more prudent to clean that area when you are done plowing rather than to try to do it before the next use. The accumulated snow and ice will be much easier to clean out when it is fresh rather then letting it freeze solid for a few days.
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    I keep two of the 90 degree hydraulic fittings in my spare parts box because this happened more than once, usually while I was plowing with my 455 before this new 1025r. I also keep the spare pin for the angle cylinder through the quick hitch because I have broken one of those once as well.

    The 1 series actually makes the problem worse because the exhaust heads forward and it warms that area of the plow mount to soften the material, and when you stop, it cools and freezes. As you angle the plow, it forms this packed wedge of ice in the plow itself, so another trick to help reduce this from happening is to change the plow angle or at least square the plow as this helps force the ice put out of the hitch during use.

    Due to the size width of my plow, I can't carry it in the angled position or the corner of the plow skips on the pavement, so I always carry it square to the tractor and once I lower it to the pavement, I then angle the plow and when I reach the other end, I square the plow while lifting it. It's gotten to be such a habit in how I plow I don't even think about it now. I now also have the benefit of parking in a heated garage so all the snow melts off the machine given several hours between uses.

    But the best way to stop it is with a plow top flap, which prevents the snow from spilling over onto the hitch. Here are some pictures of the plow top flap I use which works extremely well.

    By the way, the goal for my top flap is to "ROLL" the snow off the end of the plow, at a height higher than the plow itself. I started with one strip of baler belt that I bought in a roll at TSC. If the snow was wet or too deep, the one strip would hold the snow in front of the plow by standing straight up. Since my goal is to displace the snow off the end of the plow, I doubled up the rubber strip found it works PERFECTLY. I riveted the two pieces together, just enough to hold them not to bond them together. I have used the top flap now for 4 or 5 years and wouldn't be without it.

    If the rubber is too flexible, it will act like a snow pusher and accumulate the snow in front of the plow. If it is too stiff, it won't facilitate the "rolling" of the snow and will just push it in front of the blade and the snow will go over the top flap like it's the plow edge. Rolling the snow is the best approach for snow clearing, which works really well and helps displace the snow from in front of the plow. Another benefit of the snow rolling is you can throw it further off the end of the blade which means higher on the snow bank and further from the bank so the snow doesn't just fall back into the driveway behind you. I need to place a Go Pro camera off the end of the plow so I can demonstrate how well that system works.

    Incidentally, I also tried to make a top flap out of Lexan and it worked ok, but I found the rubber has another benefit. When I drive up close to the overhead garage doors, I drop the plow and back drag it. The distance of the top flap prevents me from getting too close to the door to damage it. Why the rubber works better than Lexan was due to the rubber not marring the door if it touched the door, where the Lexan can scratch the door as it's stiff plastic. I was able to get the Lexan to flex also, but not as well as the rubber top flap.

    In fact, I have thought about finding the right material in a single layer thickness and providing it and the hardware as a kit for those interested. It seems like some people have trouble sourcing the material and they aren't sure about the dimensions, mounting it, etc. The best way is to drill the top edge of the plow, but I have also been investigating another mounting method for those who don't have the capability or who are reluctant to drill holes in the top edge of their plow. One more thing on my to do list.
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    I recently added an exhaust downturn which i find helps from creating the ice build up. The design itself sucks and like sully I keep spares in my truck as well as a spare cylinder for the next breakage, Not if but when it happens... I still have an awesome idea for a solid steel line like the loader uses. Maybe I will get my butt in gear and make a couple of them.
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    That is the One Nice thing about the Artillian snow Plow adapter I just dump the quick hitch Back and forth with the Loader and it's clean. But I have always cleaned the Big snow off when It was Just tractor Mounted I learned My Lesson Back In 2000 with the JD425 to always clean the quick Hitch Got Ice stuck in it Once and couldn't get it to angle Didn't do any damage But It was a Pain to drive the 1/4 mile back to the House to melt the ice
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    Quote Originally Posted by kylew View Post
    Thanks for the reminder to the GTT prowlers that use a quick hitch.

    Yes, as you found out, the QH does not come with the angling cylinder, as it's not needed for someone only using it for a blower or broom.
    I find it hard to image NOT having the hydraulic angling hitch for the broom.
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