Diesel tank location and gelling fuel
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Thread: Diesel tank location and gelling fuel

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    Diesel tank location and gelling fuel

    Just thinking after all these posts about fuel issues and cold weather......both my tractors are the old style with tank location under hood, fill in front of dash. Though a pain to fill especially as we age, the whole fuel system has the benefit of ambient engine temperature as tractor warms up. So question is because in the newer tractors with tank and fuel lines going from fender to engine plus inline filter, is this design causing more cold weather issues?
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    The older configuration HAS to contribute to the fuel staying warmer. Also keep in mind that your fuel is continuously being circulated through the warm injection pump which if you run the tractor for a while it will warm the fuel in the tank. Now... if your tank is back under the fender that fuel is going to cool off a lot quicker than if it were above the warm engine.

    A second issue is the location of the fuel filters on some of the newer tractors. They are typically under the floor board where they are never exposed to warmth from the engine. Many of the older tractors (and some newer as well) has the fuel filter in the engine compartment right next to the engine. While this doesn't do anything for a cold start, it does help keep things a bit warmer once the engine is running.
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    Maybe once JD realizes this they will get rid of those goofy fat fenders.
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