Value of Dealer Relations
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Thread: Value of Dealer Relations

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    Value of Dealer Relations

    Many of us think of good relations with our John Deere dealer but other dealers relations are also as important. I have a small equipment dealer I've used over the years and since I down graded tractor nice grader blade 7' is a little too wide. I had purchased a new box blade from the dealer and presented the issue as he had some 6' blades on hand. Rather than get rid of my Green color blade, I questioned if he would trade lowers. My unit is about 4 years old but without any damages. He suggested a $25 fee for his man to change out on a 6' at this lot. Obviously he may have a call for the 7'. I thought this was very accommodating and will be back to him for other items. He's brand neutral similar to other merchants on this and other sites. I'm just pointing out the value of good customer dealer relations.
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    That was a win win. Not many dealers would have done that.
    On a side note, I had a local farmer bring in his x series mower. I did a trans reseal and put a traction drive belt on it. He gets it home and he calls back and says the PTO wont come on. We offered to come get it, he refused and said he will haul it back. OK.. it comes back in.. I look it over and saw I didnt plug the PTO clutch harness back in. Rookie mistake. So I fixed it while he waited. Went into the customer area and owned up to what happened. He wasnt mad. Then I asked him if he had a minute and escorted him to the show room. I asked him to pick out a new JD hat. Told him it was my treat. He picked one out and I had the parts guy put it on my acct. Stuff happens.. own up, step up, gain a customer for life.
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    I'd be afraid to guess how many hats I've take out of my dealership. I only take one when I really need one and always ask the owner first. If the owner isn't there I don't grab one.
    31 years and counting. My dealer has been good to me but I feel I've also been good to him. You know, the two way street thing.

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    That’s being a responsible customer Giz. I subscribe to the same theory. Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

    Somewhere that was made famous.....
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    In have two - three places I got for tractor parts.

    JD is almost always the local dealership. They treat me well. I rider the parts online and have them shipped to the dealership. Back when I was having trouble with my F525 they would let me bother the service techs to ask a few questions. The help was invaluable.

    For the kids cub I go to TM tractor and Messick’s for parts.

    And for work in the cub when I can’t figure stuff out (the touch control kicked my but) i take it to a local Mennonite gentleman that specializes in IH. A rate of 30 bucks an hour plus cost for parts. He also doesn’t mind when I call with a question or two.

    Treat your local guys well and they will do the same for you.

    Which reminds me I need to order a service kit for the gator.

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