Tractor appraisal
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Thread: Tractor appraisal

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    Tractor appraisal

    I have an old Ford tractor I need to get appraised is there anybody in the western part of Ohio that does this.

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    Have you checked out the internet sites that sell used tractors? Or is your tractor really old?

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    Also check with Machinery Pete. Used Farm Equipment for Sale | Machinery Pete
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    Depending on the level of service needed and purpose, a good dealer should be able to handle this service for around $150-350.

    Auctioneers are also worth a try, most know a little about older equipment and have resources to support their value.

    Finally, can always try PDA Corporation: Appraisal Services Property Damage Estimates

    Just keep in mind there are wide variations in appraisals and their quality. A good appraiser includes at minimum 15-20 photos of the item, serial numbers, all restored/replaced major components and the date of restoration and cost, and links to supporting evidence of their value - I/e sales in last 5 years. Again, if you have a tractor that’s worth 4-6k, not going to be highly detailed in nature. If you have something super valuable - more is better.

    Stating “in my opinion this item is worth” without supporting evidence in worthless if your looking to support value for a court or insurance purposes. It’s fine if you just want it for your personal use, but to a 3rd party who knows nothing about a tractor...they need evidence, not opinions. Dealt with it many times on classic cars, someone thinks because they put 100k undocumented into their restoration and they have a paper from a friend saying it’s worth 125k, not just a really nice 40k project. Provenance is always key.

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