Virtual Reality to build tractors...
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Thread: Virtual Reality to build tractors...

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    Virtual Reality to build tractors...

    Though some of you might enjoy this article (Using Virtual Reality to Build the Next Generation Tractor | The John Deere Journal) and included video explaining how John Deere is using virtual reality in designing their tractors.

    A few years back, a friend of mine received his PhD in engineering working in the one of the few VR facilities at Iowa State, to virtually crawl inside their cotton harvesters to make the material flow more efficient. I have no idea what it was like inside the VR visor, but the video display was quite impressive for the day, NOTHING like the one above.
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    Very cool stuff, it has so much potential! I work in an engineering school at a large private university, and they have a virtual reality "room." It's like frosted glass on all 6 sides, with computers driving projectors for each side. All of the computers are networked together and form an "immersive virtual environment" that you can walk around in. It has hand controls so you can interact with the software/environment. They aren't using it for agricultural purposes, but they do use it in a wide variety of applications (including something called DIVEcraft, a port of the Minecraft game - you knew someone would make a computer game for it!).

    At some level, I think a headset is a more natural environment for something like this. Standing in the middle of a small room with the tractor projected on the wall doesn't have the same effect as having it in your face.

    Thanks for sharing this!
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    This technology keeps getting better. It looks like it still needs collision detection as I thought I saw some parts going through other components as the guy was pulling out the air filter and manipulating the impact gun.

    I also wonder how advanced the haptic technology is to give one a feel for hucking an awkward and heavy component in and out of place during servicing simulations.

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