Why a John Deere?
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Thread: Why a John Deere?

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    Why a John Deere?

    The question is this: Why a John Deere, as opposed to another brand?

    I grew up in the suburbs. Dad purchased second lot in from corner to build his house...when the corner lot came up for sale, he talked Mom in to purchasing the lot. This was 1971 and the lot cost him $3,000. Dad started trowing down seed and eventually it needed mowing...his tool of choice, an old Wheel Horse hydro-static lawn tractor. I loved it and wanted to mow soooo bad. But Dad made me wait (wasn't old enough), and then made me trim with the Lawn Boy before I could mow with the Wheel Horse.

    Fast forward to the mid 90's, married with a child on the way, me and the now ex-wife purchase a small acreage in rural NE Missouri. Needed a riding lawn mower quick, so headed to Sears and picked out a Craftsman -- I think it was 16 HP with 42" deck. It served me well for three years, then quickly went down hill. Engine was struggling, belts were slipping.

    My maintenance supervisor at work said, "why did you buy that disposable riding mower? Should have gotten a John Deere..." He had been buying used JD 425 and 445's from the local JD dealer for years. Had worked out a deal where he would trade up with minimal cost every two years. Suggested I look at 445's...I thought about 455's, but he talked me out of the diesel.

    Wow, what a difference! I think I paid $7k for my first used JD 445. It had less than 60 hours on the clock. Ran it for just three years until we moved to the city. I think I sold it for $5,700 back in 2004.

    Fast forward again to last summer, 2nd wife and I purchase acreage...and it's gotta be a Deere! Found my current ride and absolutely LOVE IT! For me there is no other option...John Deere all the way.

    So what's your story? Why a JD?
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    1979 Lawn-Boy 7268 ("Frank")
    2007 Lawn-Boy 10797 ("Sally")

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    When we purchased our current residence in '99, a Speedex tractor was included. It cut grass, plowed snow, and pasture chores. I sold it in '09 when I got my 2520.
    The Speedex was just an ok machine. Nothing special by any means. I don't know why a John Deere. I did alot of 'net searching for info back in 2008. I looked at the orange ones, but in the end, it was the green one! The 2 Series seemed to be the right size, and it was. I am totally happy with it for these past almost 10 years. The wife had a lot to do with its purchase just like she did a few weeks ago when we got our X390!
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    Greg from western pa

    2009 2520
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    62D2 MMM
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    Homemade 3PT Receiver
    Homemade Ballast Box
    Woods GB65 Box Blade

    2019 JOHN DEERE X390 with 48" ACCEL DEEP DECK

    MY 2520 SE SEAT MOD:



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    Bought my first John Deere almost 3 decades ago from the dealer down the road because he was close, had a great reputation, and had a very attractive dealership - very professional-looking. Had a few Deeres in the interval, still have them all, recently bought a 1023E. Stuck with John Deere because I still have the same great dealer, he's never let me down, and every John Deere implement I've ever owned has been bulletproof. I'm sure there are other tractors just as good, maybe better, but why change if you have a winning formula?
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    Titan 3-Point 2" Receiver Hitch
    Titan 42 inch Chinese pallet forks
    Titan Chinese Ballast Box
    Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake, 3 Pt - modified for 2" receiver
    Ken's Bolt-On Grab Hooks
    Ratchet Rake

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    It just made sense..20 some years ago if you wanted a compact 4x4 in my area you were very limited.

    Jd dealers are in every podunk town in my area..more so to the south...(was) all farms and still are plenty left.
    So more marketable used jd's, otherwise it was Gray market crap.

    1 Ford dealer ..10 mi. north...Doin't know of another and I travel a 100 mi radius a few times a week to every backroad there is. Possibly 1 in Salem 70 mi.

    4 Kubota close.(10-40 mi.).then its up to WA. or the coast. I'm sure theres more way down south.

    JD's are roughly 30 mi apart and many closer..parts when needed are easy (not cheap) but avl
    My dealer is 15 minutes away and my Neighbor is the Service manager.

    I'll stay Green...if I can find the right tractor in a larger size ...still looking.

    My 955 is a lifetime Keeper but I need to add to the fleet.

    Do own 2 Kubotas..Zero regrets..good machines Mini Ex , rtv 900.
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    JD 955 ,70A loader, 60" mmm , Original I-match ,4' woods B hog , 5' Box blade , 12' orchard plane/driveway grader ,various other doo-dads & homebuilt implements. Goossen BFBlower, JakeRake..this thing is different.
    Kubota U-15
    Kubota RTV 900

    47 8n......good times..V8 in my future possibly

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    I would also look at availability of dealers in your area. I have several (basically same ownership) within 50-60 miles...but this helps with availability of parts as they transfer between stores for free. I've had other tractors, but i feel I'll always be on a Deere from here on.
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    John Deere 5320 4WD with 520 FEL, MX-8 Mower, X585 with 45 FEL, X300, LT 133

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    one example..... family bought a couple of 4440s back in late 70s........10 yrs and 10k hrs later sold one for more than paid for it......still have the other still in use.
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    John Deere

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    Been around Deeres for 45 years.
    When I was younger, it was my Grandfathers garden tractors. Having seen others, and the cheap feel to them, I guess somewhere along the way I just got hooked.
    My own first Deere was a 14SB push mower, then a BP60 backpack blower and XT120 trimmer. Still have and use the blower and trimmer.
    I inherited my Grandfathers 318, and considering its 32 years old and still impresses the non-Deere crowd, Id say thats something.
    And I can still get parts for it. That alone is one BIG reason to go with a big name.

    When I needed a bigger tractor, I knew Id prefer a Deere, but looked at a LOT of others. There was always something not quite there with the others. That goofy treadle peddle on Kubota and some others, short bucket depth on some loaders, control positions, etc.
    The only one I considered for any time was the Massey GC1720, but I wanted something with more ground clearance.
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    Jim B.

    318, 49 Thrower, 2 80 Carts, 17AT cart, 54 Blade, 12" Brinly Plow, 30 Hydraulic Tiller w/extension & Briney 3-Pt hitch, 50 deck w/JRCO Cart Bagger.
    2025R, 120R loader w/Kens Bolt On Hooks, 260B backhoe w/8" & 16" buckets, Titan 36" forks, Imatch hitch, Weight Bracket/Hitch.

    Exmark Lazer Z HP 52"
    Husqvarna 550XP, 562XP, 55 Rancher

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    Iíve been all over the place in this regard since we bought our place in 2015. Right before closing on the house I looked at Kubota and Deere. At that time the Deere 2 series didnít have auto-connect so things were more equal between the two. Shortly after we bought the house my truck started having issues and a few more surprise expenses came about. My uncle offered me his 1948 Farmall Cub to use for mowing and plowing. It didnít run but I decided to use it as a learning experience. A learning experience it was, and I got her going reasonably well. Around 2017 I started looking at tractors again and was contemplating a 3025E. I wanted a loader and was thinking a 3pt mower would be a nice backup when the cub gave me trouble. Not long after getting a quote from the dealer my wifeís car took a crap. We bought a Jeep for her and put the tractor on hold. Then 2 weeks later sheís pregnant, and the tractor went to existing only in dreams...

    Now itís spring 2019. A tractor really isnít even on my radar.

    I was mowing with the cub one day and it just quits. I have no idea why. I tried for about two weeks to get it back running, but when you spend most of your day chasing a walking/destroying 10 month old around the house you donít have much time to work on a 70 year old tractor. I made the last payment on my car and went straight to the Deere dealership.

    I did not buy a Kubota because I wanted auto-connect. I also didnít want that silly treadle pedal. I also donít even think they make an equivalent tractor to the 2025. I considered Massey and Mahindra, but Iíve really always wanted a Deere. I run Deere tractors at work so Iím very familiar with them. Our 5200 at work has over 5k hours and the 4520 is pushing 4K and they are both reliable as if they we brand new.
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    2019 2025r: Galaxy R3+, 60D AutoConnect, 120r loader, 260b backhoe, AP10F 42Ē forks

    1948 Farmall Cub: L-54 snow plow, 193 one bottom plow
    Husqvarna push mower (I forget the model)
    Husqvarna 562XP chainsaw: 24" bar w/ skip tooth, 20Ē Power Match full comp
    Craftsman 18" chainsaw

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    When you grow up listening to the old 2 cylinders working the neighbors fields and learning to drive your grandfathers 520 while bailing hay, it gets in your blood.
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    318 with cab and model 47 snow thrower and 46" mower deck.
    332 with 46" mower deck and bagger, and 54" blade.
    X748 Ultimate with 54" mower deck and model 45 loader.
    Model 80 brass tag cart
    Z540R with 48" mower deck

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    I picked a John Deere tractor for two reasons. Dealership distance and available inventory. John Deere by far has more dealerships in my area than all the other brands combined. There is one rinky dink Kubota dealer close by that had no scuts on their lot to look at, test drive or anything like that so I scratched them off my list. Other brands are over 100 miles away. I already liked the 1 series so that was that as far as considering anything else. As far as entry level riding mowers, I picked a John Deere hoping in the future I would still be able to get parts.
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    2018 1025r. 260B backhoe, 120r loader, Titan 36" forks, Frontier RT1142 tiller
    1995 Lowes branded riding mower.

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